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Kota Factory Season 3 Trailer Released

Jitendra Kumar is already making a splash on OTT with Panchayat 3. Now he is once again seen increasing his fan following with the third season of Kota Factory. The third season of the show has been released, after watching which the fans are extremely happy. Jitendra Kumar has returned once again as Jeetu Bhaiya in Kota Factory 3.

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Kota Factory Season 3 Trailer Released

Netflix has released this month's most awaited series, ' Kota Factory 3' trailer. The secretary of 'Panchayat 3' will now be seen taking charge of the IIT coaching center in Kota. Jitendra Kumar, who has traveled from 'secretary' to 'teacher', has once again appeared in 'Kota Factory 3' as 'Jeetu Bhaiya' and not 'Jeetu Sir'.

Kota factory 3 trailer

'Kota Factory 3' trailer released

'Kota Factory 3' release date has been announced on OTT. Along with this, a glimpse of the trailer has also come out. Fans are once again excited to see their 'Jeetu Bhaiya'. This web series based on Kota, Rajasthan, shows the struggle and hard work of the students preparing for NEET-JEE, in which 'Jeetu Bhaiya' also has a hand.

Kota factory

JEE and NEET exams are one of the most difficult preparations in the country. Lakhs of children go to Kota (located in Rajasthan) to prepare for JEE and NEET. To get into IIT, children study day and night, some pass and some fail. 'Kota Factory' is a web series based on students preparing to attend IIT.

Kota Factory Season 1

Kota Factory Season 1 which came in the year 2019, was a huge hit. The audience related themselves to the series. Then the second season of Kota Factory also set the stage on fire. Now there is a craze for the third season. A few days ago, the release date of 'Kota Factory 3' was announced. Now the trailer is also out.

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The Kota Factory 3 trailer is out

In the third season of 'Kota Factory', Jeetu Bhaiya (Jeetendra Kumar) will celebrate not only JEE selection but also preparation. The trailer starting with 'Tayari hi jeet hai...' is enough to fill people's minds with enthusiasm. Jeetu is the best teacher of Kota, who is famous as 'Jeetu Bhaiya' among the students.


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Jeetu Sir will not be able to handle the responsibility

When he is asked, "Why Jeetu Bhaiya? Why not Jeetu Sir?" then Jitendra tells about the mental state of the students coming to Kota. He says that they are not only JEE candidates, but they are 15-16-year-old children. They have all the insecurities in the world. If the teacher scolds them, they feel bad. If a friend says something, they feel bad. These children take everything seriously. He said that taking responsibility for them is a big thing that 'Jeetu Sir' will not be able to handle.

kota factory comment

Jeetu Bhaiya stuck on philosophy

Anger among students regarding two-factor authentication, the problem of not doing DPP (Daily Practice Problem), the tension of test series, and the pressure of rank..., Kota which used to polish children has now become a factory. There is a race in every factory. Everyone is concerned about ranks, but this is not Jeetu Bhaiya's philosophy. He is concerned about the students, not the ranks. There is a line at the end, "Don't say Sapna, but Lakshya bolo. Sapna dekhta jaati hai aur lakshya achiev ki jaati hai." The series will be released on Netflix on June 20.

Kota Factory Comment

Fans got excited after watching the trailer

  • The trailer shows the problems of the students, their confusion, and their tension about the future. After watching the trailer of the third season of TVF's most loved series 'Kota Factory', the excitement of the fans is at its peak. A fan of the show commented, 'This is a TVF show, I can guarantee the content.'

kota factory comment

  • Another commented, 'Can't stop my excitement for the next season of Kota. We have already seen a lot of stress of exam drama.' A fan wrote in the comment, 'This season will give you goosebumps... This show will bring hard reality for the students preparing for NEET.'
  • On the trailer shared on Netflix's social media platform, some users also wrote that watching it brought tears to their eyes.

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