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Latest Episode of Anupama

Even after knowing the truth about Anuj-Anupama, Shruti celebrates her birthday. Anuj shares his feelings with Shruti. Check the Latest Episode of Anupama.

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Latest Episode of Anupama

Anupama and Anuj first met during their college days. But at that time Anuj could not express his love to Anupama. After 25 years of Anupama's marriage, Anupama and Anuj once again came face to face. The love story of both of them reached the wedding hall. Anuj-Anupama's love story is one of the most popular love stories of TV couples.

Vanraj's truth came in front of Anupama

Anupama's relationship with her first husband Vanraj was not anything special. Vanraj always kept scolding him for every mistake. On the 25th wedding anniversary, Anupama comes to know about Vanraj's affair. After knowing the truth about Vanraj, Anupama divorces her first husband.

Anuj expressed his love

Anuj-Anupama meet after 25 years at the college reunion party. Anuj, who was madly in love with Anupama, had not married anyone yet. He is still crazy only about Anupama. Whereas Anupama is unaware of Anuj's feelings. Anuj expresses his love to Anupama.

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Shah family became a thorn in the love of Anuj-Anupama

Anuj wants to marry Anupama. At the same time, Anu also said yes to marriage. But Vanraj's family was against Anuj-Anupama's marriage. Only Bapuji and Anupama's younger son Samar agreed to their marriage.

Anuj Anupama's love wins

Despite all the obstacles in the marriage, Anuj-Anupama's love won. After marriage, the couple also adopted a daughter, and together they named their daughter Anu. This TV serial is still included in the list of most popular shows. A leap of five years has been shown in the show. At the same time, Anuj and Anupama have separated from each other. Still, they both love each other a lot.

Lots of tension twists are coming mysteriously on TV daily Anupama. What Shruti knows now is the fact that Anuj and Anupama's relationship has been revealed in front of her. On the other hand, Choti anu in Anupama i.e., Aadhya, their daughter, isn't any happier and is equally worried about her parents' relationship. Anuj has spoken of this pain and agony to Shruti. To the same extent, Anupama is miserable when the words of Anuj are heard by her.

Anuj hugged Shruti

Shruti sees Anuj and Anupama together and learns the truth about their relationship. At the same time, after seeing everything with her own eyes, Shruti runs away from there. Anuj also runs behind Shruti and tries to control her. Even after knowing the truth, Shruti wants to celebrate her birthday with Anuj. Hearing Shruti's words, Anuj hugs her.


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Anuj Kapadia expressed the pain hidden in his heart

Shruti feels that this is going to be her last birthday with Anuj, so Shruti does not cancel her date with Anuj. Anuj tells Shruti that he cannot love her because he could never separate from Anupama. Anuj says that he never took Anu's name for Aadhya.

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Anupama's condition is bad

Anupama gets upset after knowing Anuj's feelings and runs away crying. Then Anupama bumps into Kinjal on the way hugs her and starts crying. Also, she narrates the entire story she gets from Anuj to her daughter-in-law. Anupama is very regretful for coming between Shruti and Anuj.

Anupama-Shruti's meeting

After knowing the condition of Anuj's heart, Shruti is going to meet Anupama. Shruti will tell Anupama that Anuj was never hers. The show has taken a new turn after Shruti learned the truth. There is going to be a big twist in the serial due to the meeting between the two.

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