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MasterChef Kunal Kapoor got divorced with his wife

The cruelty of Masterchef Kunal Kapoor's divorce from his wife: She often insulted him in public, and Kunal's wife slapped him below his ear. She had also beaten her elderly father several times during domestic disputes.

MasterChef Kunal Kapoor got divorced with his wife

Popular celebrity chef Kunal Kapoor is currently in the headlines for a different reason. A lot was happening in his personal life in the last few years. Kunal had filed a divorce petition. Delhi High Court heard his petition and approved the divorce petition.

Chef Kunal Kapoor's Divorce

Kunal was upset with his wife and had filed for divorce. In the petition filed by Kunal, serious allegations have been made against his wife. The petition mentions constant insults from the wife and misbehavior with the parents. On this basis, now Delhi High Court has now approved Kunal's divorce petition.


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Kunal Kapoor first filed a divorce petition in the family court. But his petition was rejected there. After this, he approached the High Court. Finally, the Delhi High Court has accepted his petition. This has cleared the way for their divorce.

Chef Kunal Kapoor Wife

Constant insulting and misbehavior of the husband as well as his parents by the wife... this is cruelty.

Kunal Kapur Wife beat her father-in-law

Kunal Kapoor got married in 2008. Kunal's wife would often call the police and complain about him. She also threatened him that I would spread rumors about you on social media. When Kunal Kapoor started gaining popularity, she started threatening him with false allegations.


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In 2016, Kunal's wife along with her 4-year-old son suddenly entered Master Chef's studio and started creating a ruckus. It is also said that once he pulled out someone's mobile phone and placed it below his ear. Also, during the hearing of the case, it was said that Kunal's wife would often beat Kunal and his father-in-law with whatever she could get her hands on during domestic disputes. Kunal's wife denied all these allegations and alleged that her in-laws were pressurizing her for a job.

Kunal's wife also made allegations

After Kunal made the allegations, Kunal's wife also denied the allegations. She said that these allegations are not true. She said that these allegations have been made only to get a divorce.

Kunal Kapoor's Workfront

Talking about Kunal Kapoor's work, he is one of the popular celebrity chefs in the country. He has appeared in many TV shows. He has participated as a judge in several seasons of Master Chef of India. He also has his own YouTube channel.

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Meanwhile, Kunal Kapoor was born and educated in Delhi. Kunal has been very fond of cooking and creating new dishes since childhood. Even today someone is sharing videos of making new dishes on their YouTube and social media accounts.