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Met Gala 2024 Tickets

Cinema's biggest fashion night i.e. Met Gala 2024 is going to start next month i.e. on 6th May. Met Gala Night is celebrated every year on the first Monday of May. The Met Gala is held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York. In such a situation, the ticket price of this show has been revealed.

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Met Gala 2024 Tickets

Everyone is waiting for the cinema's biggest fashion night i.e. Met Gala 2024, but for this, we will have to stay for the full five days because it is going to be held on 6th May this time. Met Gala Night is celebrated every year on the first Monday of May. The Met Gala is held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute, New York.

Met Gala 2024

Met Gala 2024

Every year, celebs from Hollywood to Bollywood spread their magic on this red carpet. Updates regarding this show are coming out daily. Now a big update has come out regarding the ticket price of this fashion night, knowing which is going to blow your mind.

'Met Gala 2024' ticket price

This year's 'Met Gala' night is going to take place on 6 May 2024 at the 'Metropolitan Museum of Art' in New York City. In such a situation, questions are coming into everyone's mind regarding the ticket price of this show. So let us tell you how much you will have to empty your pocket to see this. According to a report in 'The New York Times', the ticket price of 'Met Gala 2024' is $ 75,000 i.e. more than Rs 60 lakh. Apart from this, the price of this night table is 350,000 dollars i.e. about Rs 2.92 crore.

Met Gala 2024 tickets are costlier than last

Let us tell you, last year the ticket price for the Met Gala was fixed at 50,000 US dollars i.e. about 40 lakh rupees. The cost of a complete table in 2023 was US$300,000 i.e. Rs 2.5 crore.

Met Gala Theme 2024

The theme of this year's Met Gala has been announced as "The Garden of Time". Which is inspired by JG Ballard's story of the same name. Apart from this, it is expected that celebrities will be seen in outfits with natural elements. On February 15, 2024, Vogue's official Instagram revealed that Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Hemsworth, and Bad Bunny will co-chair the 2024 Met Gala with Anna Wintour.

Met Gala 2024 guest list

Many celebs from Hollywood to Bollywood participate in this show. This time the names of American singer Rihanna, supermodel Kendall Jenner, and Lily Gladstone are included. According to Page Six, Jiu-Jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente may attend the gala night.

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Bündchen has previously attended several Met Galas with her ex-husband Tom Brady. Apart from them, expect to see The Bear stars Ayo Edebiri, Olivia Rodrigo, Uma Thurman, and Sarah Paulson. Invitations have been sent to about 450 stalwarts of the world of glitz and glamor for this event.

Priyanka will not be a part of Met Gala in 2024

In an interview given to Access Hollywood, Priyanka Chopra said that she will not be able to be a part of the Met Gala this year. She is currently very busy shooting for her film, due to which she will not be able to attend this event.

Priyanka Chopra image from Met Gala 2023

The actress said I don't know who is attending the Met Gala this year, but I am not attending it this year because I am doing a film. Looks like I'm really going to enjoy seeing people's creativity during the Met Gala. Along with this, when she was told that Zendaya was going to participate this time, the actress said that she was amazing and we were definitely waiting for her.


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