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Neena Gupta is going to become a Grandmother

Neena Gupta's darling Masaba Gupta is going to become a mother soon. She has shared a post on social media announcing her pregnancy, which is fast going viral among her fans and famous film stars.

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Neena Gupta is going to become a Grandmother

Masaba Gupta, daughter of veteran Bollywood actress Neena Gupta and famous fashion designer, is going to become a mother soon. She has given this good news to all her fans through a social media post. She has given all this good news with 3 photos. In such a situation, this post of Masaba is fast becoming viral among her fans. At the same time, she has also started receiving many good wishes for this new phase of her life.

Masaba Gupta gave good news

Masaba wrote in a post on her Instagram account, 'We have news, 2 little steps are going to come to our house. Please send us your prayers and blessings and also banana chips.

Masaba gupta is going to become a mother

Masaba has shared an emoji of a pregnant lady in the post. Whereas, in another photo, she is seen sitting with her head on the shoulder of her husband Satyadeep Mishra. Now this post of Masaba is going viral.

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Masaba is the daughter of Neena and Richards

It is noteworthy that Masaba is the daughter of actress Neena Gupta and Vivian Richards. Neena was pregnant before marrying Richards, however, they both broke up later. At the same time, Neena also did not lose courage and raised Masaba alone. Now the veteran actress is going to become a grandmother.


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Had a second marriage with Satyadeep

Let us tell you that Masaba had married Satyadeep Mishra for the second time. Before that, he had married Madhu Mantena in 2015, but their relationship did not last long and they both got divorced in 2019. After 4 years, Masaba married Satyadeep in January 2023. Many Bollywood celebrities participated in this special occasion.

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