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Payal Malik Interview After eviction from BB OTT 3 House

YouTuber Armaan Malik is in the news for the controversial reality show Bigg Boss OTT 3. He was already accused of polygamy regarding his two wives. Now a surprising thing has come to light about his third marriage. Payal Malik, who was recently eliminated from Bigg Boss OTT 3, has spoken about her husband Armaan's third marriage.

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Payal Malik Interview After eviction from BB OTT 3 House

Famous YouTuber Armaan Malik, who has two wives, is currently playing the game in the house of Bigg Boss OTT 3. Where he entered with both his wives Payal and Kritika. However, recently Payal Malik was eliminated and became homeless. At the same time, now she has talked about Armaan's legal wife and his change of religion in an interview.

payal armaan kritika

Contestant Armaan Malik, who is seen in Bigg Boss OTT 3, has been in the headlines ever since he came on the show. Armaan is not the subject of discussion about the game in the show but is more in the news for coming to this house with two wives Payal Malik and Kritika Malik.

Payal Malik has made a shocking revelation about him. Payal said that Armaan has married not just twice, but thrice. The YouTuber has already been accused of supporting polygamy, so the talk of his third marriage has blown the parrots of the fans.

payal armaan kritika

Payal Malik has recently been eliminated from the house of Bigg Boss OTT 3. There was also resentment among the fans on her sudden exit. After the elimination, Payal Malik is giving an interview. During this, she talked about her husband's third marriage.

Armaan did three marriages, not two

Armaan Malik's fans know about his two wives Payal and Kritika. However, he also had a child marriage and this was the YouTuber's first marriage, that is, Armaan Malik has married three times so far. Talking to Galatta India, Payal Malik said that he is separated from his first wife. This marriage of his was in childhood, so it does not matter. Payal also revealed that the matter was ended by giving money to his first wife and she has now married for the second time.

payal armaan kritika

Armaan had a child marriage

Talking about Armaan Malik's third marriage, Payal said that he was married while he was a minor when his name was Sandeep. She said, "There is nothing like that, they were divorced before my marriage and it was a child marriage, which is done on the Haryana side. I got married only after their divorce. In our Haryana side marriage is done before 18 years of age."

Closed the matter by giving money

Payal further said, "Everyone has given her money and she has already got married for the second time. Right now she is living a happy married life, she probably has children too. So she is happy in her marriage."

What did Payal say about the allegations of polygamy?

While talking about this, Payal Malik said that she has never supported polygamy. Talking to India Today, she said, "Our fans will know that we have never supported polygamy. Be it our vlogs or interviews, we have never promoted it. Whatever mistake Armaan made, I don't think any man in India should do that. We maintained our marriage, but I don't think anyone else can do that. I think there can be no greater pain for a woman than her husband bringing another woman home. I don't think anyone else can bear this."

payal armaan kritika

Kritika is not a legal wife

Payal Malik also talked about Armaan Malik's change of religion. There have been rumors many times that Armaan converted to Islam to marry for the second time because the Hindu Marriage Act does not allow more than one legal partner. On this, Payal said, "I am his legal wife. Kritika and Armaan ji's marriage is not legal. However, according to what I know, if the first wife has no problem with her husband remarrying, then there is no problem."

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Payal had left Armaan

In a recent interview with India Today, Payal Malik said that it was not easy for her to accept Armaan and Kritika's marriage. Talking about being upset during Armaan Malik's second marriage, Payal said, "I was upset by it, but it was not easy for any of us.

payal armaan

I cannot live without Armaan ji and neither can Kritika. On the other hand, he cannot leave any of us. When he got married again, I was sad and separated from him.

Payal also stayed away from her son

Further Payal said- I stayed away from my son for more than a year and faced many difficulties. Then I came back and we decided to resolve our issues. Today, thankfully, we are living peacefully as a family and I don't think anything can ever separate us."

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