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Raveena Tandon Gets Attacked By the Public

Actors get caught in various controversies. Often some news or the other comes out about them. This time big news has come out about Bollywood popular actress Raveena Tandon. She is accused of assaulting an elderly woman under the influence of alcohol. The video of the incident is going viral on social media. The victim has issued threats against the actress.

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Raveena Tandon Gets Attacked By the Public

Big news is coming out about Bollywood 90s actress Raveena Tandon. There is a case of assault on an elderly woman and her family against her and her driver. The video related to this incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Raavena Tandon

Raveena Tandon Latest News

The victim Mohammad alleges that Raveena Tandon assaulted his mother last night in a drunken state. This incident is being told near Rizvi Law College located in Bandra. According to the victim, his mother was hit by Raveena Tandon's car near the law college. The actress's driver was driving the car. When he was asked what he was doing, he assaulted his mother and niece.

Victim's mother and niece's head cracked

The victim alleges that after this Raveena Tandon came out of the car and assaulted his mother. The actress was drunk. The victim said that his mother and niece were beaten so much that their head cracked.

Raveena Tandon News

The video related to this incident is going viral on social media. The victim's side also says that they made a police complaint against the actress, but no one is listening to them. On the other hand, in the viral video, Raveena can be seen pushing the crowd away. She is saying, 'I know he is bleeding. Don't touch my driver. Please don't.' The crowd seen in the video can be heard saying, 'Why did your driver run away.' In this, a girl says, 'My nose is bleeding. Bring the driver in front.'

What did the police say?

According to the Mid Day report, the police have said in this case that this accident happened on Saturday night near Rizvi College on Carter Road. The actress's car hit a family, in which the victim's mother, daughter, and niece suffered head and nose injuries.

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Raveena Tandon News on X

After this video surfaced, fans have made many types of comments. Some users doubt that Raveena is drunk. One user said, 'It seems as if these people are attacking Raveena. Raveena is saying please, please, while these people are saying 'Hit them, hit them'. Their one-sided intention is clear.' Another wrote, 'Show the heads of the mother and niece, whose heads are said to be bursting.

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