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SS Rajamouli Experiences Earthquake in Japan

RRR director SS Rajamouli is in Japan these days with his son. The son has informed us that they felt a strong earthquake there, and both are safe at the moment.

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SS Rajamouli Experiences Earthquake in Japan

A big news related to SS Rajamouli was coming out. The director had reached Japan for the special screening of his film RRR. In Japan, Rajamouli is enjoying the people and team there and is also talking about his upcoming film with Mahesh Babu. Then he felt a terrible earthquake there.

Earthquake in japan

There was a severe earthquake in Japan on March 21. The earthquake was of 5.3 magnitude. Rajamouli's son Karthikeya gave this information on social media. By sharing the photo of his smartwatch, he has told how he felt during the earthquake and how his life was saved.


Rajamouli Saved from japan earthquake

Rajamouli was with his son on the 28th floor.

Kartikeya posted and said, 'Just felt a strong earthquake in Japan. We were on the 28th floor and slowly the ground started shaking and it took us some time to understand that it was an earthquake. I was nervous, but all the Japanese nearby remained sitting there. Experience of staying on earthquake box: Karthikeya tagged Rajamouli in the post.

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Fans got upset

Ever since people have read this post of Karthikeya, they are worried about the director. A lot of comments are coming from the post. One wrote- I am happy that you are safe. You must have been surprised after such strong shaking. Be careful if earthquakes may keep coming. Enjoy your stay.

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