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The Great Indian Kapil Show Episode 5

When Aamir Khan understood the power of greeting by bowing his head, he said - I am a Muslim and I have respect...

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The Great Indian Kapil Show Episode 5

Bollywood's Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan, apart from his acting, has also been ruling everyone's hearts with his conduct. Recently Aamir Khan went to participate in 'The Great Indian Kapil Sharma Show'. During this, Aamir talked about many issues. But when it came to Punjab, Aamir immediately narrated his story. Most of the shooting of Aamir's film 'Dangal' has been done in Punjab. Aamir said that when he used to go to shoot in Punjab, people used to stand at their doors and greet him with folded hands.

Aamir Khan and Kapil Sharma in the great indian kapil show

Remembered the shooting of Dangal

Aamir Khan told on Kapil Sharma's show that when he was shooting for his film 'Dangal', he liked it very much there. Aamir said, "The people of Punjab are very nice and loving, they never troubled me nor did any problem arise." Aamir said that whenever he used to go for the shoot of the film in the morning. So people used to greet him with folded hands and even when he came back from shooting at night, people of Punjab used to greet him with folded hands and wish him good night. The process of greeting the people of Punjab and saying good night continued for about one and a half months.

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Seeing the Sardars sitting in the show of 'The Great Indian Kapil Sharma Show', Aamir said that you people are very good. Aamir further said that during the shooting of the film 'Dangal', the people of Punjab never gave him any trouble in any way. All those people used to stand silently at their doors and greet with folded hands. Aamir said, "I am a Muslim so I am not in the habit of folding hands." I have a habit of raising my hand to salute. Have a habit of being respectful”. But during those one-and-a-half-month shoots, I understood the power of bowing my head and joining hands.

Aamir Khan and Kapil Sharma

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Aamir Khan's upcoming film

Talking about the work front, Aamir will soon make a film on the epic 'Mahabharata'. Aamir Khan and director SS Rajamouli will jointly make this film. Apart from this, Aamir Khan will produce 'Lahore 1947' in which Sunny Deol will be seen as the Main lead in this film. Aamir Khan can also be seen in South films. The name of this film will be 'NTR 31'. However, there has been no official announcement from Aamir regarding this film yet.

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