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Tom Cruise broke up with his 25 years younger Girlfriend

News has come out about Hollywood star Tom Cruise, which his fans will be surprised to hear. Once again the actor is heartbroken in love.

Tom Cruise broke up with his 25 years younger Girlfriend

Big news has come out about Hollywood star Tom Cruise. At the age of 61, the Mission: Impossible actor's heart is broken once again. It is being told that Tom Cruise and his Russian girlfriend Alesina Khairova have broken up.

Tom Cruise's heart broken again at the age of 61

Yes, it is being claimed that Tom Cruise has ended his relationship with his girlfriend. Let us tell you that both have been dating each other for a long time. On February 13, the actor made his relationship with Alcina Khairova official on social media. And just 10 days after this announcement, news of their breakup came out. Tom Cruise has also deleted Alcina Khairova's photo from his Instagram account.

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Breakup with girlfriend 25 years younger than him

Let us tell you that there is an age difference of 25 years between the two. Many reasons are being given for their breakup. Some people say that Tom Cruise broke Alcina Khairova's heart, while many people blame his girlfriend for this. There are reports that both of them lived together in London for the last few months. During this time, the actor also met his girlfriend's children. Only after this meeting did Tom Cruise decide to separate from Alcina.


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According to an English website The US Sun, Tom Cruise, and Alesina Khairova were seen during a gala dinner organized in support of the Air Ambulance charity in London. Both of them had reached here separately, after which the news of their breakup started spreading. However, till now neither of them has given any statement on these reports.

Tom Cruise's three marriages were unsuccessful

Let us tell you that this is not the first time that the actor's heart has been broken. Even before this, he had many girlfriends. Tom Cruise's three marriages have also failed. Let us tell you that Tom Cruise also has three children from these marriages.