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What did Armaan Malik Said About Payal's Second Marriage

Season 3 of Bigg Boss OTT is full of new twists and turns every day. Armaan Malik and his two wives are constantly garnering attention. Recently, Payal Malik expressed her pain over her husband's second marriage. Now a video of Sana Makbul and Armaan is going viral in which the actress questioned the YouTuber about his marriage.

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What did Armaan Malik Said About Payal's Second Marriage

Questions have been raised many times so far about Armaan Malik's participation in Bigg Boss OTT Season 3. From viewers to celebs, many people have criticized his participation on social media and accused the show of promoting polygamy. Now a video of him from the show surfaced, which is going viral on social media.

sana armaan with wives

Armaan Malik has been claiming about both his wives so far that his family is very happy together, but in the Bigg Boss house, his statement is slowly being proved wrong.

Armaan Malik in Bigg Boss OTT

In the video from Bigg Boss OTT 3, Armaan Malik and Sana Maqbool are seen talking. During this, Sana asked him an interesting question. The actress said that if Payal Malik had married someone else in her place, what would have been his reaction? This question of Sana shut Armaan Malik's mouth.

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Sana asked a piercing question

Sana Maqbool, while talking to Armaan Malik about their marriage, asked, "What if the roles are reversed?" Armaan said, "What do you mean?" Sana explained, "Suppose Payal ji brought a man, what would you do, would you have a problem with it?" Armaan said, "Will she bring and keep him in the house?" Sana said, "Yes! Then what would you do?" Armaan Malik replied, "No! This is a matter for later. There is no answer to this."

Fans praised Sana

This video of Bigg Boss OTT 3 is being viewed a lot on social media and fans are also commenting. Praising Sana, a user said, "Sana, you said it absolutely right and what is the matter with this, I wish it happens that she also brings and keeps someone in the house." Another user said, "Armaan is a cheap man, Payal is compromising only for her children."

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