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What did Ridhima Pandit Told About the Relationship with Eshaan Roshan

Hrithik Roshan is considered to be the most handsome actor in the Bollywood industry. But he is not the only one in his family who is gifted with good looks. Hrithik's cousin Eshaan Roshan is no less handsome. Recently, popular television actress Ridhima Pandit made a revelation about him. The actress talked about her relationship with him.

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What did Ridhima Pandit Told About the Relationship with Eshaan Roshan

TV world's 'robot' daughter-in-law Ridhima Pandit has become a well-known name today. She has been exposed to the culture of two states since childhood. Her mother is Gujarati, while her father belongs to the culture of Maharashtra. This is the reason why she is well acquainted with the culture of both states.

Riddhima Pandit with Eshaan Roshan

Ridhima Pandit broke silence on linkups

Ridhima became popular with the show 'Bahu Hamari Rajnikanth'. Today she has a good fan following on social media. An actor's life is incomplete without controversy. The same thing happened with Ridhima, who won everyone's hearts by becoming a robotic daughter-in-law in 'Bahu Hamari Rajnikanth'. A few days ago, her name was being linked with cricketer Shubhman Gill. The actress has broken silence on her relationship with Shubhman Gill. She has also spoken openly about her past relationship.

Riddhima Pandit with Eshaan Roshan

Ridhima has dated Hrithik Roshan's brother

In an interview given to Siddharth Kannan, Ridhima Pandit has told a lot about her personal life. She talked about her relationship with Hrithik Roshan's brother Eshaan Roshan. Ridhima said that she was in a relationship with Eshaan for 10 years. She was 18 years old when her affair with Eshaan started.

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Ridhima Pandit Breakup

Ridhima said that she was in a healthy relationship with Eshaan Roshan for 10 years. As age increases, you become mature with time. Even after the breakup, we are in touch with each other. The actress said that after 10 years of dating, their relationship broke when she debuted in the glamour line. That is, on the one hand, she had the world of name and fame in front of her, which was a matter of happiness for her. On the other hand, her years-old relationship broke, which she was sad about.

Riddhima Pandit with Eshaan Roshan

Ridhima Pandit Thinking for People

Ridhima said that people change every five years. People keep changing with time. We don't talk anymore, but we know that if we ever need each other, we will be there. Ishaan is a wonderful person.

Riddhima Pandit with Eshaan RoshanRiddhima Pandit with Eshaan Roshan

Ridhima Pandit on Abusive Relationship

After breaking up with Eshaan, Ridhima was in another relationship, but it didn't last long. The actress said that she was emotionally abused so that relationship doesn't matter to her.

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