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What did Shatrugan Sinha said on Sonakshi Marriage

For a long time, there was a rumor that Shatrughan Sinha would not attend Sonakshi Sinha's wedding because he was angry with his daughter. Sonakshi is getting married to her long-time boyfriend Zaheer Iqbal on June 23. However, now her father has ended all the rumors by talking about this.

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What did Shatrugan Sinha said on Sonakshi Marriage

Sonakshi Sinha is going to marry Zaheer Iqbal on 23rd June 2024. Both were dating each other for about 7 years. Meanwhile, news was coming that Shatrughan Sinha Sonakshi's father was angry that Sonakshi Sinha did not tell him about the marriage herself. It was rumored that he would not attend the wedding.

Sonakshi Sinha

However, now Shatrughan Sinha has put a full stop to all this news. Shotgun has rejected the reports which claimed that he is angry with his daughter Sonakshi Sinha and is planning not to attend the wedding. Shatrughan has called all these reports fake.

Shatrughan said - I will definitely go

In a conversation with Times Now/Zoom, he said, "Tell me, whose life is this? This is the life of my only daughter Sonakshi, whom I am very proud of and I love her very much. She calls me her strength. I will definitely attend the wedding."

Sonakshi Sinha marriage

Shatrughan said that Sonakshi has the full right to choose her life partner and I support her in her decision. Talking about Sonakshi's would-be husband Zaheer Iqbal, he said that Sonakshi and Zaheer have to spend their lives together. They look perfect together.

Shatrugan with family

He further said that listening to the people spreading this fake news, it seems that they are disappointed on this happy occasion because they are spreading lies. I want to warn them with my signature dialogue - "Khamosh, you have nothing to do with this."

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Earlier he said I don't know

Let us tell you that earlier Shatrughan Sinha had said that he had no information about his daughter Sonakshi's marriage. Whatever information he got was from the media.

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