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Whom did Mukesh Ambani call the 'Real Don'

Mukesh Ambani's younger son Anant Ambani will tie the knot with his lady love Radhika Merchant. Last evening, Radhika and Anant had their sangeet ceremony which many Bollywood celebs also attended. A video from this party is going viral in which he is seen talking with Vidya and Madhuri.

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Whom did Mukesh Ambani call the 'Real Don'

Mukesh Ambani, one of the world's biggest businessmen, and his family also dominate the glamour world. Any function organized by the Ambani family attracts B-town celebs. These days, the Ambani family is in the news for Anant and Radhika's pre-wedding function.

madhuri dixit

Mukesh and Nita Ambani's younger son Anant Ambani is going to tie the knot with his long-time girlfriend Radhika Merchant. Anant and Radhika's pre-wedding functions started in the month of February itself. First, the ceremony went on for three days in Jamnagar, then there was a cruise party in Europe and now the pre-wedding is going on in Mumbai.

Mukesh Ambani chit-chats with Madhuri-Vidya

Mukesh Ambani and Radhika Merchant's Sangeet Ceremony was hosted on the evening of July 5. Many Bollywood celebs also attended this function. Many inside photos and videos from Anant and Radhika's pre-wedding are going viral. Meanwhile, we have got a video of the future father-in-law Mukesh Ambani, in which he is seen talking with Madhuri Dixit and Vidya Balan.

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Who did Mukesh Ambani call Don?

In the video, Vidya and Madhuri can be seen talking to Mukesh Ambani with their respective husbands. Meanwhile, the businessman said that I directed it. There is only one real don. Everyone starts laughing at this. It is known that Mukesh Ambani gave a great performance with his wife Nita Ambani on the song Don at Anant-Radhika's pre-wedding function held in Jamnagar, the video of which went viral.

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Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani will get married on July 12 at Jio Center. The sangeet ceremony was also organized at Jio Center last evening.

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