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Why did Armaan Malik get angry at Kritika?

There is a lot of drama going on between the housemates in Bigg Boss's house. In a recent episode, Armaan Malik got angry with Vishal Pandey and slapped him. Vishal said he likes Kritika Malik (Armaan's second wife). Now, during the nomination task, Armaan got angry with his wife Kritika, know why?

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Why did Armaan Malik get angry at Kritika?

The upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss are getting more exciting with new twists. Ever since Armaan Malik slapped Vishal Pandey, the contestants have also been divided into two groups. Now in the latest post, Armaan Malik was seen getting angry at his second wife Kritika. Let's understand what is the matter.

vishal, kritika, and armaan

Actually, Bigg Boss was announcing the nominations for which all the housemates were sitting in the living area. Meanwhile, Kritika reaches there late and has to sit next to Vishal Pandey. Seeing all this, Armaan gets angry and scolds Kritika. After this, Kritika gets up and sits next to Armaan Malik.

Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 Armaan

Meanwhile, a heated argument was seen between the YouTuber and his second wife Kritika. According to ETimes, when Armaan sees Kritika sitting next to Vishal, he says, 'Come here, have your eyes still not opened now?' To this, Kritika says, 'Your eyes have opened.' On this, Armaan again says, 'I still feel that the eyes are blindfolded. I will have to get a pair of glasses made for you. Kritika says that there was space there so I went and sat next to Shivani.'

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Bigg Boss OTT 3 Contestant Kritika 

Armaan does not calm down even after this and says, 'You always keep saying that if someone saw me, I did this. I did not know so I did this.' On this, Kritika clarified that I wanted to sit next to you but there was no space so I came and sat next to Shivani. On this, Armaan says I feel like I did not come with you.

Armaan Kritika

Let us tell you that Shivani Kumari, Sai Ketan Rao, Sana Makbul, Ranveer Shorey, and Deepak Chaurasia are also in Bigg Boss OTT 3. This season is Anil Kapoor's digital debut. Salman is busy shooting for his film Sikandar, so Anil Kapoor has been placed in his place. Before Salman, Karan Johar hosted the first season of Bigg Boss OTT.

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