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Why Did Priyanka Chopra Left Bollywood | Shekar Suman told the Reason

Shekhar Suman's old tweets are going viral these days. Recently, the actor had asked his son Adhyayan to take inspiration from Katrina Kaif. Shekhar Suman had made several tweets about Priyanka Chopra leaving Bollywood and speaking about the dark truth of the industry. He said that the same thing happened with Sushant Singh Rajput.

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Why Did Priyanka Chopra Left Bollywood | Shekar Suman told the Reason

Actor Shekhar Suman has become very active since the release of Heeramandi. Recently, he gave career advice to his son Adhyayan Suman. Adhyayan Suman has seen many ups and downs in his 16-year career. Shekhar said that Adhyayan should take inspiration from Katrina Kaif in this matter, who could not even speak four lines properly in her early days but today she is a big actress.

priyanka chopra and sushant

Shekhar Suman Tweets

Now, amidst all this, some old tweets of Shekhar Suman are going viral in which he had said many things about the dirty politics of the industry and Sushant Singh Rajput. These tweets are from the time when Priyanka Chopra had talked about leaving Bollywood.

Shekar Suman and sushant

Shekhar Suman News

Shekhar Suman spoke his mind through many tweets. He said that some people in Bollywood would like to suppress you under a conspiracy in a secret way. I and Adhyayan were the victims of this conspiracy. These people also tried to remove me and Adhyayan from many projects by ganging up. Shekhar Suman made all these tweets when Priyanka Chopra revealed in an interview that she left Bollywood because the industry had sidelined her.

Shekar and Priyanka

Shekhar further said that Priyanka leaving the industry like this is not a matter of shock for me. Everyone knows that some gangs inside the industry try to scare, threaten, and stop you. He said that the same thing happened with Sushant Singh Rajput.

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Why Priyanka Chopra Left Bollywood

Shekhar said, "Now this has happened to me, in the future, it will happen to others as well. When all this is happening against you in the industry, you either have to accept it or leave it. Priyanka also decided to leave it. Thank God Priyanka was able to do so. Now we have a global icon who is representing India in Hollywood.

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