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Why was Karan Johar sad?

Karan Johar's latest post is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The filmmaker has recently shared a post taunting some comedians.

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Why was Karan Johar sad?

Filmmaker Karan Johar remains in the limelight for his statements. Karan Johar is also very active on social media. He posts a lot on social media to express his views. Recently he posted about a comedian from a TV show.

Karan and Ketan

Karan Johar Comedy Show

Karan Johar had expressed his displeasure over making fun of himself on Sunday. While sharing a post on social media, he slammed the comedian who mimicked him. However, he neither took the name of the artist nor the channel.

Kettan Singh

After Karan Johar's post, it was said that the director was talking about comedian Ketan Singh and his show Madness Machayenge - India Ko Hasayenge. At the same time, now Ketan Singh has apologized to Karan Johar.

What did Ketan Singh say?

Ketan Singh reacted to Karan Johar's post in his recent interview. Speaking with Times Now, he said, "I would like to apologize to Karan (Johar) sir. First of all, whatever mimicry I do is because I watch Karan Johar a lot in 'Coffee Show'. I love his work. I am a big fan of his work and his show, I just wanted to entertain him. But if I have done something too much, I would like to apologize to him."

Karan Johar Post

Karan Johar, reacting to his ridiculous mimicry, wrote in his Instagram story, “I was sitting with my mother watching TV… and I saw a promo of a reality comedy show of a big TV channel… A comedian mimicked me in a very ridiculous way. This is what I expect from trolls and ignorant people, but when your own industry disrespects a person who has been in this profession for more than 25 years, it says a lot about the place and The situation we are living in… It doesn't even make me angry, it just makes me sad!”

Karan Johar Instagram post

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Ketan's promo was released

This post by Karan Johar is about the promo recently shared on Sony TV's Instagram. In the promo of the show, Ketan has been seen mimicking Karan Johar. Ketan has been seen taking a dig at his show Koffee with Karan. In the comedy show, Ketan made fun of Karan by calling his show 'Toffee with Churan'.

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