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Will Anupama Send Toshu to Jail

Anupama serial is becoming more interesting with time. Now people have started liking the story of the show again. Now some changes have been seen in Anupama too which has impressed the fans.

Will Anupama Send Toshu to Jail

Along with the new story, new characters have also been entered into the TV serial Anupama. A leap of 6 years is being shown in the show. The story after the leap is being liked a lot by the audience. The twists in Anupama in the last few months have impressed the fans a lot. Some changes have also been seen in the character of Anupama, who is living her life alone in America.

Rupali Ganguly is playing the character of Anupama in the serial Anupama. In the show, from the very beginning, she was seen interfering in the work of others and creating trouble for herself, after which Anupama had to endure a lot of insults. But now a new look at Anupama has been seen in the latest episode of Anupamaa.

This big change came in Anupama

Now the Shah family has also come to America. In the latest episode of the show, it has been seen that Pakhi is also living with the Shah family in America. Here she has started getting closer to a boy. In the latest episode, it was seen that during Holi celebrations, Pakhi introduces her friend, who is a green card reader, to Baa and other people. But Ba and Anupama start understanding the relationship between the two. Even at this time, Anupama has understood that Pakhi is going on the wrong path. But this time she has not given any lecture to Pakhi.

Fans were impressed after seeing Anupama's new look.

Yes, seeing Pakhi and Aarush laughing together, Anupama completely ignores both of them. In such a situation, fans have liked this style of Anupama. Users say that finally some progress has been made in Anupama.

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One user has written that- I am very happy to see that this time Anupama has ignored Pakhi and left her to her own devices. Another user has written - I liked this style of Anu very much. It is expected that some changes will be seen in Anupama in the future. Similarly, fans are praising Anupama's new look.

Anupama Upcoming Story

Many big twists are being seen these days in Star Plus's popular serial Anupama. When Aadhya returns home during Holika Dahan, Anuj scolds her. Meanwhile, Kinjal requests Vanraj to call Toshu. Let us know what twists will be seen in the upcoming episodes.

Everyone will be surprised to see Shruti

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Anuj will dance at the Holi party. Then Shruti will deliberately come there and start dancing clinging to Anuj. Anupama and Anuj will be surprised to see Shruti. Shruti might be doing this to make Anupama jealous.

Anupama 26th March 2024

In the Holi function, Beeji will tell Yashdeep that the losses are not being covered, so why not tell everyone the truth about the restaurant today? Yashdeep will refuse to tell this to Beeji. Yashdeep will ask why to spoil the color of Holi by giving this news to everyone on the occasion of the Holi festival. Will tell everyone after the festival.


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Anupama will send Toshu to jail

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Toshu will go as a drummer to meet Pari. Then Anupama will throw water on his face and remove his mask. Anupama will start taking Toshu to jail and will say that the mother's pallu is like a shadow for the child, but this pallu of your mother will become handcuffs for you today. After which Toshu will say that if I go to jail, what will happen to my daughter and Kinjal?