In this special style, Ajay Devgan and Kajol wish their daughter Nyasa a birthday

Bollywood actors Ajay Devgan and Kajol have wished their daughter Nyasa a birthday. Kajol has also written a special note for Nyasa on Instagram. At the same time, Ajay Devgan has given a special message.

In this special style, Ajay Devgan and Kajol wish their daughter Nyasa a birthday
In this special style, Ajay Devgan and Kajol wish their daughter Nyasa a birthday, the actress said - You are my support

Ajay Devgan is counted among those Bollywood actors who pay full attention to their professional life as well. Ajay often expresses love to wife and actress Kajol on social media and on the other hand, Kajol also expresses her love for Ajay. Ajay and Kajol's pair are among Bollywood's most successful couples. Now both have wished their daughter Nyasa a birthday on social media.



Nyasa has turned 18 years old. Ajay Devgan has also remembered the difficult times of Corona while wishing Nyasa a birthday. Ajay wrote, 'Happy birthday, lovely Nyasa. In difficult times, such small happiness is the only 'break'. Ajay has also sent his prayers to the Corona infected. The actor wrote, 'Prayers to all those who need to be cured.'

How Ajay Devgan and Kajol wish their daughter Nyasa on her birthday?

Kajol has written a special post about Nyasa, 'I was very nervous when you were born. This was the biggest exam of my life and I was very afraid and had feelings which I was feeling for the last one year. Then you were 10 years old and I realized that I was in the role of a teacher, more than that I was a student who used to spend most of the time remembering new things. '



Kajol further wrote, 'Now I come today and I can say that I did all this with happiness. You imagine a woman like you are there today. Do not let anyone come down for you. I have your support Happy Adulthood. You have everything to use for good. '



Ajay Devgan and Kajol first met on the set of the film Hustle. Both of their friends quickly fell in love and their first daughter Nyasa was born in the year 2003. Kajol had told that both had planned a long honeymoon after marriage, but Ajay Devgan's health had deteriorated in the middle, due to which he had to cancel his honeymoon in the middle.

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