Kangana Ranaut Reveals - Mother recovered from yoga, did not have to undergo heart surgery

Talking about the importance of yoga on the occasion of International Yoga Day, actress Kangana Ranaut has told how her mother defeated heart disease through yoga.

Kangana Ranaut Reveals - Mother recovered from yoga, did not have to undergo heart surgery
International Yoga Day 2021: Kangana Ranaut Reveals - Mother recovered from yoga, did not have to undergo heart surgery

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut took to social media to share the story of how she inspired her family to start practicing yoga. On Sunday, Kangana shared pictures of her parents doing yoga asanas on Instagram.



The actress wrote, "Tomorrow is International Yoga Day. I am going to share my yoga stories, everyone knows when and how I started yoga, but no one knows how I taught yoga to my whole family." . Some opposed yoga, some took time. But now everyone has started doing yoga."

What Kangana Ranaut Reveals on International Yoga Day 2021?

Talking about how her mother started yoga, the actress wrote that "A few years back the mother was diagnosed with diabetes, thyroid and high level of cholesterol (600). The doctor said we should have an open one for her." Need to have heart surgery. I told my mother with tears in my eyes that give me 2 months of my life, I can't let the surgery happen. She trusted me and finally I was successful in my persistent effort. Today She doesn't have any disease, she is the healthiest, most capable in the family."

Talking about her father's journey, Kangana shared that "Papa had damaged his knees with excessive walking, at that time I got an opportunity and I started getting her to do yoga. She is now jogging too." Today I can proudly say that I have taught my family to do yoga.

Kangana says that a happy family is not something that you get by yourself, you need to work hard for it. Every morning I call her and the only question I ask is, did you do yoga? Today she has sent these pictures to me from practice in his home market in the morning."



Kangana also posted a question for her fans. Towards the end of the post, Kangana asked, How are you investing in your family?

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