Ludo Review: This Story Is Fit Around, Its Dark Humor Does Entertainment

If you like the game of Ludo, then this film will not be difficult to understand. Here are four entertaining stories of characters laying thorns in each other's way, removing thorns. Anurag Basu has beautifully written, woven, and screened these pages of the crime world. This film is Diwali ka Diya on the night of Amavas at the box office.

Ludo Review: This Story Is Fit Around, Its Dark Humor Does Entertainment
Ludo Review: This Story Is Fit Around, Its Dark Humor Does Entertainment

Who will decide who will get heaven after death and who will get hell? There are many concepts of good and bad, sin and virtue and sorrow and happiness in the world. In reality, these are not true at all. There is neither positive nor negative in God's created world. Whatever it is, is it or is it mixed. Black is white and white is black.



This world is nothing but a game of Ludo. In which Yamraj, the god of death, is throwing dice with his assistant Chitragupta. Poets have understood the mystery and perhaps called the world a child's play. There is neither good nor bad. Like all pieces of Ludo, people are walking on the colorful board of life. The whole game is about timing. In the film Ludo, Yamraj says: A devil is hiding inside all of us. Like bubbles inside a fine soda bottle. It's just late to open the lid.

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Ludo also tells the same. What is life, it is a bubble. Four stories and their characters emerge in different places like bubbles and swing of life-death, happiness-sorrow, and tragedy-comedy. This film by writer-director Anurag Basu is a beautiful collage. In which there is a dark and dark world of love, marriage, sex, murder, deceit, lies, and fraud. The game begins with the murder of builder Bhinder by the infamous criminal Sattu Bhai (Pankaj Tripathi) in Ludo, showing the world's mild health. On this board of Ludo, four different stories run at the same turn in parallel time.

A young sattu brother reaches the place of murder of Bhinder and falls in the hands of the brother. At the same time, a friend of Sattu Bhai leaves his beautiful wife and arrives to spend the night with a non-woman. An ambitious girl is getting married in a wealthy family and suddenly her sex-video made with an ex-boyfriend is viral by uploading on pornsite. The boyfriend wants that if the girl complains to the police, then the person making the secret video should be punished. A criminal returns from jail after six years and finds that the wife is married to his best friend. A young girl, who is depressed by her parents for not giving time, composes the drama of her abduction. All these characters and the accidents of their lives go through each other's paths and finally reach a point and then their lives take different paths from scratch.

The texture of Ludo is interesting and the stories are different from the formulas. Anurag Basu has worked hard to write and put it on screen, it is clear. They have woven these stories with the threads of happiness and sorrow of relationships. Sometimes these relationships awaken magic, sometimes they become tragic. Especially Rajkummar Rao-Fatima Sana Shaikh and Aditya Roy Kapur-Sanya Malhotra's stories are entertained in a yes or never style. These four artists have given their best here. But Pankaj Tripathi is fascinated by his style. Without any hesitation, it seems about this shayrana-style killer who bleeds one after the other, in spite of going to death in all the accidents, it is getting an extension of life. This thing is startling. Abhishek Bachchan was unfortunate among these brilliant actors that his story is the dullest. In his look, Abhishek here reminds Mani Ratna of his youth and speaks at least dialogues. His attempt to leave an impact silently does not produce any effect. Other actors have also played their roles well.

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Ludo on Netflix is ​​one of the films of recent times in which the director took the risk of new style and style. Anurag Basu himself also appears on the screen, but after a little effort, he can be recognized. The film's plot may be based on the children's game Ludo, but it is not for children. The film has a tightness and is well edited. Anurag, despite these crime stories being dark, retained humor like Barfi and Jagga Jasoos. This is the beauty of the film. Due to the humor, the heaviness of the story ends and you are easily attached to it. The song-music of the film goes on with the narrative and helps in furthering the talk. These days it is rarely seen. This film will be especially liked by the viewers who like to watch dark comedy. In the darkness of Diwali, you can call it the light of diyas.

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