Reha-Mahesh Whatsapp Chat: Pooja Bhatt and Soni Razdan defended Mahesh Bhatt

Filmmaker's daughter Pooja Bhatt and wife Soni Razdan have supported her after Mahesh Bhatt and Reha Chakraborty leaked WhatsApp chat. He tweeted that Mahesh had sent a message to Reha, the same message was also done to him. Both have also shared screenshots of their respective WhatsApp chats.

 Reha-Mahesh Whatsapp Chat: Pooja Bhatt and Soni Razdan defended Mahesh Bhatt
 Reha-Mahesh Whatsapp Chat: Pooja Bhatt and Soni Razdan defended Mahesh Bhatt, said - we also have such messages

Soni Razdan and Pooja Bhatt have come in support of the filmmaker after the WhatsApp chat was leaked on social media by Mahesh Bhatt and Reha Chakraborty. Pooja Bhatt said on Twitter that the message of the chat between her father (Mahesh Bhatt) and Reha, which is being described as controversial, is a forwarded message. Along with this, he also shared screenshots of his chatbox of that day.


Pooja Bhatt wrote in a tweet, "The message that the channel is saying is the most exploitative. The message my father sent me was sent to countless other people with me on the same day (June 9). Not only that on Twitter Had also posted. Correct your facts. " Along with this, Pooja Bhatt also shared a screenshot of her chatbox and wrote the same message, which Mahesh Bhatt had sent to Reha.

Which Reha-Mahesh Whatsapp Chat is viral on social media?

Retweeting Pooja Bhatt's tweet, Mahesh Bhatt's wife Soni Razdan also said that Mahesh had also sent this message to him. Along with this, she was also seen flaming the news channels. He wrote in the tweet, "Yes, that is right. Here I am. We get such messages every day. I don't know when we will get to see the real news."

Recently, some WhatsApp chats between Sushant Singh Rajput's girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt went viral on social media. This conversation between the two on WhatsApp also reveals that Reha's father Sushant was not happy with their relationship and Bhatt advised them to get away from it. According to the screenshot of the leaked chat, Reha tells Bhatt, "Aisha with a heavy heart and a sense of relief has moved ahead sir." After this, she writes in the message, "Your last call was about to wake up. You are my angel, you were with me at that time and still are."

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