Salman left Bhansali's support, will Shah Rukh Khan now become Sahara?

Long ago, a news came that Bollywood's superstar Salman Khan and Sanjay Leela Bhansali are going to do a big film together. This was announced by both of them together. But according to the news, now Salman has left this film due to the ongoing differences between the two.

Salman left Bhansali's support, will Shah Rukh Khan now become Sahara?
BUZZ: Salman left Bhansali's support, will Shah Rukh Khan now become Sahara?

Salman and Sanjay's upcoming film was titled Inshallah, in which Salman was to be seen on the big screen with Alia Bhatt for the first time. There was a lot of discussion about this film in Bollywood as well. But recently there was a debate between Sanjay and Salman about something which became very big and Salman left this film of Sanjay.



According to the news, Sanjay still wants to make this film and for this he has also found a hero. According to sources, that hero of Sanjay is none other than Shahrukh Khan, the king of Bollywood. Alia Bhatt is still the heroine of the film.

Why Salman left Bhansali's support?

According to the report, this film of Sanjay is based on a beautiful and simple love story. And Sanyaj believes that Shah Rukh and Alia have worked with each other in Dear Zindagi before, so both of them will also like the audience.

At the same time, in a TED talk show in 2019, Shah Rukh Khan talked about his upcoming films. In which he said that I will do the film very thoughtfully now. For this, I am also reading script of 2-3 films. And inshallah as soon as they become final. I will tell you myself.

Shah Rukh Khan is very busy with his upcoming film Pathan. Shahrukh is going to return to the big screen after two years with this film. The shooting of the film is still going on. And it will be done soon.

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