These couples took seven rounds in Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss Couples: Many couples are formed in the house of Bigg Boss, while many break up during the show. However, many couples have also taken seven rounds in Bigg Boss house.

These couples took seven rounds in Bigg Boss house
These couples took seven rounds in Bigg Boss house, Bhojpuri actress's name also included in the list

Couples Married in Bigg Boss House: Bigg Boss is such a show in the world of TV, where all kinds of flavors are seen. Romance, comedy, action, fight and quarrel are all seen in one episode. The history of Bigg Boss has been very funny. Many couples have also got married in Bigg Boss house. In the Bigg Boss house, Sara Khan and Ali Merchant promised to be with each other by taking loving vows.

Sara Khan and Ali Merchant were dating each other even before appearing in Bigg Boss Season 4. In the show, Ali proposed Sara for marriage and the two tied the knot of seven lives on National TV. Their parents were also called in the wedding of Sara and Ali. Sara Khan and Ali Merchant separated in two months after the show ended. After the breakup of the couple's marriage, many questions were also raised on the Bigg Boss makers that all this happened for TRP.

Which couples got married in Bigg Boss house?

In Bigg Boss, not only Sara Khan and Ali Merchant, but Bhojpuri famous actress Monalisa and Vikrant Singh Rajput also took seven rounds. Monalisa and Vikrant Singh Rajput came as contestants in Bigg Boss Season 10. Monalisa was the second actress to get married on National TV.



In the marriage of Monalisa and Vikrant Singh Rajput Marriage, the housemates of Bigg Boss became Barati and Gharaati. Along with this, the makers also invited Monalisa's mother and Vikrant's sister to the wedding. Monalisa and Vikrant are doing their marriage very well. The couple often shares photos with beautiful videos on social media. Netizens love Monalisa and Vikrant's chemistry.

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