Why did Ananya-Aditya break up after two years, the relationship broke due to insecurity?

The news of Aditya Roy Kapoor and Ananya Pandey's breakup has shocked everyone

It is difficult for fans to believe that the couple's relationship has broken within two years.

Amidst the news of the breakup with Aditya, an old video of Ananya is going viral, in which she is seen talking about relationships

Ananya said, 'I don't give space to people. Once I fought with my boyfriend, I called him at least 75 times.

'I think if there is some problem, it should be fixed immediately. It should not be left for the future.' In an interview, the actress also said that she is possessive about her relationships

Ananya also admitted that this is not a good habit and she needs to work on it. The viral video is from 'No Filter Neha Season 6'

This episode was released two months ago, at that time Ananya and Aditya were dating. However, both of them never publicly accepted that they were in a relationship or had broken up

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