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10th April 2024 Anupama threatens Vanraj

In the new episode of 'Anupama', it will be shown that Shruti and Aadhya will make every possible effort to trouble Anupama. At the same time, seeing the way Anuj will handle Anupama, both of them will be left jealous.

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10th April 2024 Anupama threatens Vanraj

The TV serial Anupama is becoming more interesting day by day. In the upcoming episode of Anupama, it will be seen that complete preparations have been made for Anuj and Shruti's sangeet ceremony. Anupama and Yashdeep will also be leaving for the venue. In such a situation, Yashdeep will get a message from Shruti and she will call both of them to meet. Anupama and Yashdeep will reach Shruti late at night. Anuj will also be present there at that time. When both of them reach her house, Shruti, Aadhya and Anuj will be choosing their outfits for the event. Anuj will be shocked to see Anupama and Yashdeep.

Shruti will harass Anupama

When Anuj asks, he will tell that Shruti has called him. At the same time, Shruti will say that she wants to make some changes to the menu. Anuj and Yashdeep will try to convince her that no last-minute changes can be made for tomorrow's event, but Shruti will remain adamant. She just wants to trouble Anupama somehow. At the same time, despite repeated refusals from Anuj and Yashdeep, Anupama will also be ready to fulfill Shruti's insistence.


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Anuj will take care of Anupama

Before Anupama and Yashdeep leave, Shruti will ask Aadhya to make them sweet, Anupama has passed the first round in the cooking competition. Aadhya will bring sweets for them with a heavy heart, but Anupama will start coughing loudly as soon as she eats the sweets. She would be coughing badly and everyone would be looking at her. However, Anuj will not notice his condition and will immediately come to give him water and take care of him. During this, the sweets will fall on the same lehenga of Shruti which she is wearing at her wedding. Aadhya and Shruti will be left stunned after seeing this.


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Anupama will threaten Vanraj

In anger, Aadhya will start destroying things as usual, in such a situation, when Anuj's attention gets diverted, Aadhya will say, 'Sorry, it is broken and one should not try to fix what is broken.' When Anupama reaches home, she will see that everyone is awake. He will come to know that Vanraj has decided to go to India and talk to Titu. The whole family will be happy with this, but Anupama will understand that Vanraj is planning a conspiracy here too. Anupama will threaten Vanraj that if he does any trick in this matter then buying a flight ticket from America to Ahmedabad is not a big deal for her.

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Anupama will help Aadhya

The next day, Anupama will get a call from Yashdeep and he will tell her that there has been a narcotics raid at the venue and hence the event will have to be held at Anuj's house. Anupama along with her entire team will start working at Anuj's house. Then Aadhya will start screaming. when everyone asks her, then she will tell that her dress is torn. Anupama will not be able to see her upset. She will fix Aadhya's dress as soon as she leaves. Shruti will go and give this dress to Aadhya, she will be happy and will think that Shruti has fixed her dress.

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