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Anupama 3rd April 2024 Shocking Twist

In the upcoming episode of 'Anupama' it will be shown that Yashdeep's restaurant has been closed. In such a situation, Anuj will start worrying a lot about Anupama. At the same time, Vanraj will decide for his grandson Ansh.

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Anupama 3rd April 2024 Shocking Twist

A lot of drama is being seen in the popular TV serial Anupama. Many new characters have entered the show. So Anupama is separated from her daughter Aadhya and husband Anuj. Anupama's daughter hates him. But now something is going to happen in the upcoming episodes after which Aadhya will come closer to Anupama.

Anupama 3rd april

Anupama Wednesday Episode

In Wednesday's episode of Anupama, it will be seen that Anupama will be selected for the audition for the reality show. It will be shown in the serial that Anupama will fall while dancing and her hand will be fractured. Anupama will be admitted to the hospital. After reaching the hospital, Anu comes to know that her daughter Aadhya is also admitted to the bed next to her.

Anupama-Aadhya will be admitted to the same hospital

Anupama will be very upset after seeing Aadhya in the hospital. But like always, Aadhya will get angry at Anupama this time too, and will tell her that she always follows her and her dad (Anuj) everywhere. Here Anuj must be getting worried seeing the condition of his ex-wife Anupama. Anupama will be discharged from the hospital after which she will be sitting with Yashdeep. Only then Yashdeep will advise her that if she wants, she can leave the competition.


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Anupama 3rd April 2024 Story

But Anupama will not listen to Yashdeep and will be adamant about going to the competition. After this, it will be seen in the next episode of the show that Anupama will reach the competition. Where she will be asked about her injury. In response to this, Anu will say that women face difficulties very easily. But chances are very limited. I got this opportunity with great difficulty. To show my skills in front of the whole world. I know this path is not easy. There will be many people who want to defeat me.

Anupama 3rd April 2024 Episode

Taking her point forward, Anupama will say that many people would want to throw me out of this competition. But I will not give up. If I lose, it will not only be my defeat but it will be the defeat of every woman who has never been able to come out of the kitchen. This test is difficult but I will win it.

Anupama 3rd April 2024

Anupama 3rd April episode Today

In Wednesday's episode of 'Anupama' it will be shown that the matter of closure of Spice and Chutney restaurant will be revealed to Anuj Kapadia. Memories related to this restaurant will start wandering in Anuj's mind, he will get worried thinking about the food prepared by Anupama. Anuj will come to know that due to the closure of this restaurant, Shruti will also be worried about Anupama. She will say that this restaurant was her source of livelihood.

Vanraj will give Samar's share to Ansh

On the other hand, Toshu will come to know about Anupama's decision to take on Samar's share. At the same time, Vanraj will also decide that Samar's shares will not be given to Dimple but to his son Vansh. Vanraj is worried that in the future, Dimple will marry Titu and may get separated from them. In such a situation, she is worried about the future of Samar's son Ansh.

Anupamaa 3rd April 2024

Hasmukh will be injured

On the other hand, Hansmukh will reach home injured due to the goons. During this time an argument will start between Beeji and Ba. Yashdeep will try to calm the matter by coming between the two and will appeal to both of them to maintain distance from each other. After this Vanraj will complain to the police against those goons. However, Toshu is afraid that he too might get caught in the clutches of the police. In such a situation, he will try to stop Vanraj from going to the police.

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Anuj will offer Yashdeep

In this episode, we will further see that Vanraj will see Pakhi and Aarush together. He will threaten Aarush to stay away from Pakhi and will also try to convince Toshu. Meanwhile, during the argument between Beeji and Baa, Yashdeep comes to know that Anuj has held a meeting regarding the restaurant. On the other hand, Anuj will talk about buying a restaurant. He will say that if Yashdeep wants, he can become an investor in his company. Yashdeep will ask for some time to think about his offer.

Anupama's food will impress again

Next, we will see that Anupama impressed the judges by preparing a royal dish in the cooking show. However, here neither the judges will understand Anupama's language nor will Anupama understand anything she said, but Anupama will handle the matter and say that the test is greater than every language, which has no language.

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