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22nd April 2024 Anupama Written Episode

These days many twists and turns are being seen in the Anupama serial. In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Shruti will never be able to become a mother while Aadhya's mental health is bad.

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22nd April 2024 Anupama Written Episode

These days full-on drama is being seen in the TV serial Anupama. Talking about Anupama's latest track, Shruti has been shot. Shruti is in the hospital. Aadhya is in shock due to Shruti being shot. Anuj does not understand how he will handle Shruti and Aadhya. In such a situation, Anuj asks Anupama to stay with him in the hospital. Anupama feels that everything has happened because of her. Let us tell you what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Anupama Serial.

Anupama considers herself guilty

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, it will be seen that Anupama starts crying in front of Anuj. He feels whatever has happened to Shruti. All this has happened because of him. Anuj tells Anupama that it was not her fault. Stop blaming yourself for everything.


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Shah's family reached India

Shah's family has reached India. Kinjal makes a video call. Kinjal tells everyone that there was a shooting in Pari's school. Vanraj is quite surprised to hear this and asks about Pari. Toshu says that Pari is fine but Shruti has been shot. Toshu tells Kinjal that Anupama should not enter Anuj and Aadhya's life. Because Anuj is going to marry Shruti soon.


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Will Aadhya commit suicide?

Further in the serial, it will be seen that Aadhya has become completely calm. She doesn't say anything. Anuj asks the doctor about Aadhya's health. The doctor tells him that Aadhya's mental health is not good. The doctor says that if her mental health does not improve, she may even commit suicide. Anuj is surprised to hear this. The doctor informs about Shruti that she is very serious. Shruti will never be able to become a mother. Anuj is shocked to hear this news. How will he tell Shruti about this?

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