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29th March Anupama Full Promo

In the upcoming episode of the Anupama serial, it will be seen that Toshu will come out of jail. Whereas Shruti will become serious about marriage with Anuj.

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29th March Anupama Full Promo

These days family drama is being seen in Star Plus' popular serial Anupama. On one hand, Anupama is moving ahead, while Shruti is also very serious about her marriage with Anuj. In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Toshu is remembering his daughter's words in jail. Just then Anuj comes there. Toshu cries and apologizes to Anuj. Anupama is very sad due to Toshu going to jail.

Anupama Twist

Toshu comes home. Everyone is surprised to see Toshu. Toshu tells Anupama that he has not come running away but has come on the vine. He says that his people did not support him but strangers did help him. On Anuj's request, the case against me has been withdrawn.

Bollywood Khabare: Will Anupama Send Toshu to Jail

Anupama will go to meet Anuj

Anupama will go to meet Anuj. She will question Anuj as to why you have got Toshu's bail. Anuj says that because he is his son. Anuj further says that he can bear Toshu's anger but cannot see her upset and sad.


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Shruti will hug Anuj

Shruti will hug Anuj and say I love you. Aadhya will be happy to see both of them together. Aadhya will say that her family is complete. On the other hand, Yashdeep wants to tell Anupama the truth about the restaurant that it will be closed soon. But seeing Anupama upset, he is unable to tell this because he does not want to increase her problems.

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