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Actor Pradeep Vijayan found Dead in Chennai

Actor Pradeep Vijayan, who caught attention by playing important roles in films like Press Tamil, Thekitty, and Iron Curtain, died in Chennai. Pradeep used to play character roles and comic roles as a supporting actor in Tamil and Telugu.

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Actor Pradeep Vijayan found Dead in Chennai

Actor Pradeep Vijayan has been a supporting actor in Tamil and Telugu language films. Born in Chennai, he has acted in film cameo roles for over 10 years. However, he died of a heart attack at his home in Chennai. Pradeep, who lived alone in his house in Chennai, was not in the open for the last two days, but his friends were trying to contact him on the phone. But when he did not pick up the phone, neighbors, and friends broke the lock of his house with the help of the police.

Pradeep VijayanPradeep Vijayan

Pradeep Vijayan Movies

Death inside a closed house: Then Pradeep Vijayan was found dead in his house. He is said to have died of a heart attack. There is no information about what disease he had. In Tamil, Pradeep Vijayan, who gained attention with films including the hits Tamilukku Numa Van and Thegidi, has been playing leading roles in many films for over 10 years. He has also played notable characters in films like Teddy, Lift, Neetikan, Hey Sinamika.

Pradeep Vijayan

Pradeep Vijayan's Death Cause

Film fraternity in shock: The death of Pradeep Vijayan, who acted in notable films in Telugu, has shocked the film fraternity. Fans and admirers of the film industry are currently mourning his death. He has worked not only in films but also in some web series and short films. Pradeep showed his talent in whatever roles he got, without thinking that he wanted such a character. Gavin will be seen in a scene in the climax of the film Lift, which also features Gavin. In this, his character laughing while abusing Kavin attracted everyone.

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Pradeep VijayanPradeep Vijayan

Rising deaths: In recent times, the film industry has seen a rise in deaths. We are seeing more people dying of heart attacks. Pradeep Vijayan, who was alone, stayed at his house for two days after his death. His house was raided on suspicion. Pradeep Vijayan has now made it clear to everyone what people living alone should keep in mind.

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