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How will Sonakshi Sinha Get ready for her Wedding

Sonakshi Sinha is considered to be an A-list actress of Bollywood. Sonakshi, who started her career with Dabangg, has made her mark by working with many big banners till now. The actress is in the limelight these days due to the rumors of her marriage. Amidst the rumors of her marriage with Zaheer Iqbal, information has come out about the wedding function.

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How will Sonakshi Sinha Get ready for her Wedding

The news of Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha's marriage has spread like wildfire on social media. There are reports of her marriage with long-time boyfriend Zaheer Iqbal this month. Meanwhile, information has come out about Sonakshi's wedding dress.


Sonakshi Sinha in a discussion about marriage

Neither Sonakshi Sinha nor Zaheer Iqbal has confirmed the news of marriage. However, the actress has definitely said that her marriage is not anyone else's business. Secondly, it is her choice, so people do not need to be so upset. Meanwhile, the statement of the actress went viral, when she talked about the choice of her wedding dress.

sonakshi and zaheer

Will Sonakshi get ready like this at the wedding?

According to the Times report, Sonakshi had once said that whenever she gets married, she would like to wear a classic red lehenga. Along with this, the Times story also tells about the wedding function of Sonakshi and Zaheer.

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Preparations will start from this day

Preparations for the wedding of Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal will begin on June 22. The couple will get married in an intimate ceremony, in which no one other than family and friends will be invited. It has also been said that preparations for the actress's wedding were going on for a long time, but the family was stopped due to the elections.

Sonakshi and Zaheer

Shatrughan Sinha contested the election from Asansol in West Bengal and also won. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the Sinha family. After the elections are over, preparations for the wedding of Sonakshi and Zaheer can be started in the family.

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