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Actress Drashti Dhami Announces Pregnancy

Well-known TV actress Drishti Dhami (Drashti Dhami Pregnancy) has given good news to her fans on Friday. The 38-year-old actress is going to become a mother. The actress has made the fans' day by sharing this good news through a video. Drishti Dhami has been a part of many famous TV shows. She is also making a splash on OTT these days.

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Actress Drashti Dhami Announces Pregnancy

After Yami Gautam and Varun Dhawan's wife Natasha Dalal, many more actresses are going to become mothers. After Richa Chadha and Deepika Padukone, now the name of another actress has been added to this list. Yes, famous small-screen actress Drishti Dhami (Drashti Dhami Pregnant) is going to become a mother.

Drashti Dhami with husband

Drishti Dhami took seven rounds with businessman Neeraj Khemka in the year 2015. Drishti and her husband's pair, who made headlines for their romantic bond with her husband, are very much liked by the people. Fans wanted to see her become a mother since marriage. Now finally this dream of fans, family, and couples is also going to be fulfilled.

Drishti Dhami is pregnant

Drishti Dhami is going to become a mother after 9 years of marriage. The actress announced her pregnancy on June 14, 2024, in a unique way. The actress has shared a video on her Instagram account. In the clip, Drishti and Neeraj are wearing white T-shirts. Neeraj's T-shirt reads - Papa in the Making and Drishti's T-shirt reads 'Mamma in the Making'. Both of them also have a board in their hands, which reads that they are going to welcome the baby in October.

Drashti Dhami with husband

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Delivery will happen this month

In the video, Neeraj and Drishti can be seen holding a glass of wine in their hands and holding a banner, which reads - 'Pink (girl) or blue (boy), we just know that we are blessed.' In the video, the couple's family is seen celebrating this moment. The family snatches the glass of wine from their hand and gives them a bottle of milk.


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Sharing this video, Drishti Dhami wrote in the caption, "In a galaxy not too far away, a little rebel is joining our crazy tribe. Please send us love, blessings, cash, and French fries. Baby is on the way. We are eagerly waiting for October." Fans and celebrities are congratulating the couple.

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