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How Will Aamir Khan Celebrate his Mother's Birthday

A grand celebration is going to happen once again in Aamir Khan's family. In January, the actor got his daughter Ira Khan married. Now, after 6 months, he is going to celebrate his mother Zeenat's grand birthday, which is going to be celebrated on 13 June.

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How Will Aamir Khan Celebrate his Mother's Birthday

Aamir Khan is not only a Bollywood superstar but also a super family man. He spends time with his family by taking time out from his work. Something similar is going to happen this time too. Each and every year Aamir Khan celebrates his mother Zeenat Hussain's birthday. Not only this, on this special occasion, Mr. Perfectionist has also given her special gifts.

Aamir khan with mom

In such a situation, this time Zeenat Hussain's birthday is very special. She is going to be 90 years old, due to which Aamir Khan is going to have a very grand celebration this time. It is reported that the actor has completed all the preparations for this day. Now everyone is waiting for June 13.

Aamir Khan will host a grand party

According to the Hindustan Times report, actor Aamir Khan has invited 200 people to his mother's 90th birthday. Who is going to join him in Mumbai from different cities? Zeenat Hussain's birthday will be celebrated at Aamir Khan's Mumbai house.

Aamir with mother

According to a source close to the actor has told that "Aamir Khan has invited more than 200 people including family members and friends from different cities to celebrate his mother's birthday. Zeenat was unwell in the past, but now she has recovered.

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Zeenat was treated in Chennai

Last year, Aamir took his mother to Chennai. Where she was treated. In those days, Aamir stayed in a hotel close to the medical center. Where Zeenat was being treated.

Aamir khan with family

Aamir Khan's Upcoming Films

Talking about Aamir Khan's upcoming projects, he will soon be seen in the film Lahore 1947. Actor Sunny Deol will also be seen with Aamir Khan in this upcoming film. Apart from this, Aamir will also be seen in Sitare Zameen Par. Let us tell you, that the actor was last seen in the film 'Lal Singh Chaddha' in the year 2022.

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