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Anupama 1 January 2024

In the latest episode, it will be seen how Anuj is thinking about the relationship between two persons named Joshi Ben. Know full details about the Anupama 1 January 2024 episode.

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Anupama 1 January 2024

Star Plus's popular serial Anupama is in the news these days. Anupama has reached America but Anuj does not know about it, while younger Anu has met her mother but she does not want Anupama and Anuj to meet again. On the other hand, Pakhi will enter the Shah house. Let us know the full story of Anupama 1 January 2024.

Anuj is in search of Joshiben.

Anuj can also be seen questioning Shruti about this. He queries her about whether Joshiben from the restaurant is the same individual connected to the incident with the suitcase. Shruti replied that she noticed a distinct difference in the voices in a video, but got confused about the voice between the two Joshiben captured in a picture.

Vikram will tell Anupama's real identity to Anuj

Anuj gets confused as he is trying to find out what the real story is. On the other hand, Anupama recently clashed with younger Anu in an episode. Despite Anupama being a sweeper, the chef likes her cooking talent. A conversation about the boss starts between Vikram and Anupama.

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Pakhi will come to Shah's house after two years

In the upcoming episode of the TV serial Anupamaa, it will be seen that Anupama goes to sleep after doing all the work in the restaurant in America. Meanwhile, in Shah's house, Baa is busy having fun with Ansh. Then she tells Dimpy that she is going to the village taking Ansh with her. During this, Dimpy refuses Baa, but Baa and Vanraj silence her. Then Pakhi enters the Shah house, seeing that everyone becomes happy.

Pakhi comes to meet everyone with her daughter. Seeing Pakhi, Baa tells her, 'You are coming after two years, you run an online store, so you can stay here too.' Dimpy also asks if he talked to Adhik. During this, Pakhi gives a harsh answer to everyone and says that what is more important is when she does not talk to her mother what is the point of meeting Adhik?

manisha rani parents
manisha rani parents

Further in the serial, little Anu goes to Shruti's room in America and panics again after seeing Anupama's photo on Shruti's laptop. During this, Shruti tells little Anu, 'This is Joshi Ben, who is a very good cook and I want him to meet Anuj.' During this, Shruti shows Joshi Ben's photo to Anuj, but the younger Anu stops her and takes away the laptop. Young Anu sits alone and starts remembering old things once again.

Users are waiting to see Anupama and Anuj again in America. Vikram reveals Anupama's identity as an online cooking channel host. In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that when Shruti is about to show Anupama's photos to Anuj Kapadia, Aadhya will stop her. The audience will get to see a lot of twists in Anupama. To know the answers to all these questions, stay tuned with Bollywoodkhabare.

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