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Anupama serial Upcoming Story

Arvind Vaidya, who played the role of Bapuji in Anupama, has to stay away from the show. The reason for this is his heart. Know Anupama serial Upcoming Story.

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Anupama serial Upcoming Story

The audience's favorite television program for a very long time is Anupama. Nevertheless, there is still controversy around the show's characters. Sometimes changes have to be made in a character and sometimes an artist is forced to leave the show. Once again something like this is going to happen Anupama. Let us know what will happen in the upcoming story of the Anupama serial.

Anupama serial upcoming story after leap

Regarding Anupama, there has been a five-year leap in the show. The show's plot has undergone a dramatic transformation. Anuj Kapadia and Anu have now divorced. The younger one lives with Anuj, and they both live apart. Anupama moved to America in search of a fresh start. Unfortunately, he has a difficult time traveling because all his belongings have been stolen. He manages to land a job at a restaurant. Anuj is also a successful businessman. He is receiving assistance from Shruti, a girl who entered his life, in caring for his daughter. While some fans want Anuj and Anupama to live their own life, others are optimistic that they will soon meet in person.

Shruti and anuj

In today's episode, it will be seen that the owner of Anupama's restaurant will like her spiced tea very much and will ask her to make more spices for the tea. Here, to celebrate the victory of little Anu, Shruti will take her and Anuj to the same restaurant where Anupama works.

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Anuj will reach Anupama's restaurant

As soon as Anuj arrives at the restaurant, Anupama's spiced tea is served, and as soon as he drinks it, he remembers the taste of Anupama's tea. Meanwhile, younger Anu is going somewhere from the restaurant when she comes across Anupama. She first recognizes him but is unable to recognize Anupama Chhoti.

Anupama will clash with younger Anu

Before she can say anything, Chhoti gets scared and comes straight to Anuj from there and hugs him, and says please go home, she will tell him please never leave me. Chhoti Anu i.e. Aadhya Anuj and Shriti will go home and as soon as they go home, Chhoti will have a panic attack and will lock herself in the room.

Anupamaa choti anu anuj

Vanraj will impose a ban on Dimpy

Here in Shah House, Vanraj will ban Dimpy from going out. He will tell her that the daughter-in-law of the house looks good at home. He will say that someone was telling me that you were outside the house late at night and were talking to a boy. On this Dimpy will say that she had found her old student. But Vanraj will tell him that now he does not have to go out late at night.

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Younger Anu (Aadhya) will have panic attacks

At the same time, Anuj in America will be very worried about Aadhya. Seeing her panic attacks, she will remember that Choti used to do this when Anupama had left her. He will wonder what happened today that Aadhya is doing this. He will doubt whether Choti has met Anupama.


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Bapuji leaves the show Anupamaa

Arvind Vaidya received therapy for the implantation of a pacemaker, according to a report in Telechakkar. In this case, the doctor has urged him to refrain from shooting and to rest for a few days. He informed the news portal that he would take a break and wouldn't start shooting again for ten days. "The doctors told me that if I want to shoot for the next 25 years, I will have to get a pacemaker," disclosed Arvind Vaidya. Okay, feel free to proceed. For the next several days, I won't be filming."

Anupamaa bapuji

What is going to happen to Anupama?

Anupama's track will remain how it is for the time being. The actress who is portraying Anupama, Rupali Ganguly, has left for America. She is on her second day there. Right now, the scenario is being displayed. It appears from the way she looks that she will soon meet Anuj Kapadia. However, how will it all play out, and how many twists will there be along the way? We'll progressively make this clear. Stay tuned with Bollywoodkhabare.

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