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Latest Story of Anupamaa

when Anuj and Anupama will come face to face and whether Anuj and Anupama will be able to come together once again after the leap know the Latest Story of Anupamaa

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Latest Story of Anupamaa

As it is seen in the Anupama serial that 5 years leap has come and everyone's life has completely changed whether it is Shah House or Kapadia House. On one hand, it was shown that Anupama reaches America but as soon as she reaches there, her luggage gets stolen, so let us know what happened in the latest story of Anupama.

Latest story of Anupama

Since the Anupama serial has taken a leap, it has been shown that the Shah house has completely changed. Kavya has given birth to a daughter who now lives in a hostel because Vanraj does not want her to live in the Shah house with everyone else. For Vanraj, only his parents and his grandson Ansh are important.

On the other hand, Anupama also goes to America but her bag gets stolen there, then she does not understand what to do, somehow she gets a job in a hotel, while Anuj has also reached America in connection with his work, but both of them Unknown to each other.

The full story of Anupama

Anuj's new girlfriend also goes to the same hotel where Anupama has got the job and both of them meet but they do not know each other. Actress Sukirti Kandpal is playing the role of Anuj's new girlfriend. The story starts when it is Anupama's first day on the job, a girl comes to the restaurant who is a photographer and she takes photos of people and tells about them, she also takes photos of Anupama and then tells Anupama about her. 

Then Anupama asks the girl her name and she tells Shruti as soon as Anupama is about to tell her name, Shruti gets a call and she goes out, the call is not from anyone else but Anuj Kapadia. Later it is revealed that she is Anuj's girlfriend.

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Written episode Anupama

After the leap in the Anupama serial, little Anu has also grown up. Aura Bhatnagar is playing the role of younger Anu after the leap. Now in the serial, younger Anu's name has been changed to Aadhya and she still hates Anupama. Anuj sees a glimpse of Pakhi somewhere in Aadhya.

manisha rani parents
manisha rani parents

When Anuj mistakenly calls Aadhya 'Chhoti Anu', she gets very angry. She will also get angry at Anuj and will clearly say that she will not tolerate Anupama coming back into her life. Anuj will be very upset due to Aadhya's reaction.

Did pakhi leave anupama 2023

After the leap in the Anupama serial, gradually all the characters were shown but till now Pakhi has not been shown. News has come that Pakhi i.e. Muskaan has left the serial because she did not want to play the role of a mother.

New pakhi in anupamaa serial

But now news is coming that Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi fame Chandni Bhagwanani can play the role of Pakhi in the Anupama show but no confirmation has come till now. Every day new entries are being made in the serial and now the news is also coming that the hotel in which Anupama is working will be Malti Devi's ex-husband i.e. Anuj's father and he will support Anupama in the future.

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Now it will be interesting to see when Anuj and Anupama will come face to face and whether Anuj and Anupama will be able to come together once again after the leap or younger Anu will not allow both of them to come close. There are many questions but the only answer is to wait and see what happens next. Stay with BollywoodKhabare to know what new turn Anupama's life takes.

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