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Anupamaa Today episode full live

Here is the Anupamaa Today episode full live updates. Anupamaa will break all the relations with the shah house and Anuj will also get upset with Anupamaa.

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Anupamaa Today episode full live

Ever since this confirmation was made by the makers and the new promo was released, a lot of high-voltage drama has been seen in the Anupamaa serial. Anupamaa is being blamed from all sides, be it Shah House or Kapadia House, everyone is misunderstanding Anupamaa. Let us know what happened in the Anupamaa Today Episode Full Live.

Anupamaa today episode

In yesterday's episode i.e. on 17th December in the Anupamaa serial, it was shown that Kinjal had gone to Kapadia's house with Pari to meet Anupamaa. She tells Anupamaa that let's go on a picnic with the younger Anu and Pari. Then Anuj said yes you guys should go, then Kinjal said you also come with us, to which Anuj says I have an important meeting.

Then they go on a picnic and when they are returning, little Anu starts insisting on sitting in the front, due to which Kinjal loses her balance and their car meets with an accident, and the car falls into a ditch. Comes on the verge of falling.

Anupamaa serial Aaj Ka Episode

After the accident, Kinjal becomes unconscious, then Anupamaa gathers courage and takes Kinjal out of the car, then she takes everyone to Shah House, and everyone gets scared after seeing Kinjal's condition and hearing the news of the accident.

Then Vanraj gets furious and scolds Anupamaa a lot and tells her that after today you should not be seen in Shah House or this locality. After which Anupamaa also gets angry and she breaks all relations with the Shah family and leaves.

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Big twist in Anupamaa

When Anupamaa reaches Kapadia's house, the drama starts there too. On seeing Anupamaa, Romil asks her, are you okay? Did you consult your doctor, haven't you got any internal injury? Then Anupamaa says that I am fine.

After that, younger Anu also gets very angry at Anupamaa. She tells Anuj that Papa and Mummy had left me alone in the car to die and first took Kinjal Bhabhi and Pari out of the car, hearing which Anuj gets shocked.

manisha rani parents
manisha rani parents

Chhoti Anu also says that I am not your real daughter, that is why you did not save me before, on which Malti Devi also adds fuel to the fire. Then Anupamaa asks her why she is poisoning the mind of Chhoti Anu. Then Anuj gets angry and asks everyone to be quiet. Then Anupamaa asks Anuj, do you think that I am ignoring Choti, to which Anuj says yes.

Will Anupamaa go to America?

A new promo has been released by the makers in which it is shown that Anupamaa reaches America and her luggage is stolen there and to earn money, she works as a waiter in a restaurant. It is also told in the promo that Anupamaa's new journey will start on 21st December, it has to be seen what will happen due to which Anupamaa will have to go to America alone and what will happen in her upcoming story. To know the answers to all these questions, stay tuned with Bollywoodkhabare.

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