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Latest News in Anupamaa Serial

Here is the Latest News in Anupamaa Serial below. Vanraj is thinking of getting Dimpy married to his Boss's son. While Choti Anu will realize her mistake.

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Latest News in Anupamaa Serial

As it is seen in Anupamaa serials, these days the whole drama revolves around Dimpy. Sometimes Dimpy is seen fighting with Baa or Vanraj, sometimes she lies at home and goes to an event with Titu, while in the recent episode, it was shown that Vanraj had caught Dimpy red-handed at an event with Titu. After which he got very angry at Dimpy and when Anupamaa tried to convince Vanraj, he silenced Anupamaa. Let us now know what happened in the latest episode of the Anupamaa serial.

Anupamaa serial spoilers

On one hand, in the Kapadia house, Malti Devi leaves no stone unturned to provoke younger Anu, while younger Anu is seen misbehaving and getting angry with Anupamaa and Anuj. On the other hand, Kinjal Toshu and Pari have entered the Shah House.

malti devi and choti anu

Anupamaa written episode

When the Shah family is having breakfast together in the morning, Kinjal and Toshu enter, seeing that everyone is happy but also get worried and ask how did you all came back suddenly, to which Kinjal says. His father had a heart attack but now he is fine.

Latest news in Anupamaa

At the same time, after being provoked by Malti Devi in the Kapadia house, younger Anu asks Anupamaa why she has brought only one gift for her and so many gifts for Pari, which Anupamaa and Anju try to convince her but she gets angry and Malti Devi becomes happy inside.

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Anupamaa serial upcoming story

In the upcoming episodes of Anupamaa, it will be seen that Vanraj forbids Anupamaa to come to the Shah house. When Kinjal comes to know about this, she starts insisting that she will not come to Pari's birthday party until Anupamaa. Will not celebrate Pari's birthday

On the other hand, Anupamaa leaves Kapadia House with Romil and younger Anu to go to Shah House but on the way she starts thinking whether she should go or not but she convinces her mind to go.

Latest news in anupamaa

The party starts in Shah's house and Vanraj's boss's son also comes. Then Vanraj tells Baa to take good care of his boss's son. Baa asks why, Vanraj doesn't tell her anything but Kavya understands. Then when Vanraj introduces the boss's son to Dimpy, Baa also understands that Vanraj is thinking of getting them married.

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Anupamaa Leap

Recently, Anupamaa fame Rupali Ganguly came live on her Instagram handle with little Anu i.e. Asmi Deo where she said that today is my darling Asmi's last day on the shoot. Ever since Rupali said this, there has been speculation that a leap is going to come soon in the Anupamaa serial, and perhaps now Anupamaa's journey to America will be shown. Now it will be interesting to know what will happen next in the Anupamaa serial, hence stay connected with us for the latest news in the Anupamaa serial.


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