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Latest Updates on Anupamaa

These days Anupamaa show is running low on the TRP list due to which the makers are trying to bring back the show with new twists and turns.

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Latest Updates on Anupamaa

Ever since Samar's death, a lot of high-voltage drama has been seen in the Anupamaa serial. These days Anupamaa show is running low on the TRP list due to which the makers are trying to bring back the show with new twists and turns. After Samar's death, Anupamaa's life has also been filled with difficulties. On one hand, Toshu and Kinjal have also gone abroad, on the other hand, Pakhi is also seen arguing with Anupamaa.

While Malti Devi is also leaving no stone unturned to instigate younger Anu against Anupamaa. Baa is also not feeling well. Kavya and Dimpy are also facing problems in their pregnancy. If reports are to be believed, now Bapuji has also suffered from Alzheimer's.

Anupamaa Recap

As shown in the last episode, Bapuji goes to Shah's house and he feels like drinking tea he goes to the kitchen to make tea. As soon as he turns on the gas, one of his friends comes to call Bapuji and Bapuji Goes with his friend and forgets to turn off the gas. Due to this, a big accident is about to happen in Shah House but Anupamaa switches off the gas at the right time and the accident is saved. Again in Kapadia's house, Bapuji forgets that he has eaten the food. When Anuj gives mouth freshener to Bapuji after eating, Bapuji says I will eat it after eating the food, hearing which everyone gets worried.

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Anupamaa Spoiler Alert

When Anuj and Anupamaa go out for a walk, they see Romil driving rashly on a scooter, and that too without a helmet, along with a girl. When Romil reaches home, Anuj and Anupamaa scold him a lot and also explain, after that both of them are also seen teasing Romil about the girl, seeing which Barkha gets angry at Anuj and Anupamaa.

Anupamaa Promo

According to the news, a leap is going to come in the Anupamaa serial very soon and a promo related to it has also been released by the makers in which Anupamaa is seen alone in America. Sometimes news comes that younger Anu will die, hence Anuj will throw Anupamaa out of the house, after which Anupamaa will go to America. There are also reports that Romil will go to America and such a situation will be created that Anupamaa will also have to go with him.

But no news has been confirmed yet by the makers of the Anupamaa show, nor have the makers yet clarified why Anupamaa will go to America. Now it would be interesting to know what new twist the makers of the show bring in the serial due to which Anupamaa's life will change completely once again.


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