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Anupamaa written Update: Romil to get exposed

In the serial Anupamaa, the truth of Romil is going to come in front of Anupamaa. Here is the full written update of the serial Anupamaa.

Anupamaa written Update: Romil to get exposed

Anupamaa Latest Update: In the serial Anupamaa high-voltage drama is going on. As we know many ups and downs are going on in the life of Anupamaa. As per the latest reports in the upcoming episodes of the serial Anupamaa, the truth about Romil is going to come in front of Anupamaa. Let's discuss it in detail.

Pakhi will become insecure with dimple

In the upcoming episodes, we will see how Pakhi will be jealous of Dimple. As it is shown, Pakhi is angry that she can never become a mother, then she sees Anupamaa getting Dimple ready, and says will you stop living if Samar goes away? You are pregnant so you should be happy. Anupama gets Dimple ready and comes out and asks Malti Devi how she is looking. At The same time, Pakhi is standing behind and watching everything. Seeing everyone taking care of Dimple and seeing Dimple happy, Pakhi will start getting jealous of her.

Pakhi Anupamaa

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Bapuji is frustrated with Toshu

On the other hand, Pari is crying in the Shah house and Toshu is busy on the phone and does not pay attention to Pari, then Vanraj comes and asks Toshu to go to the bank for some work reason but Toshu ignores Vanraj's words also. Bapuji sees all this and starts scolding Toshu, then Toshu says that he was busy talking to someone in the UK  about business and, hence could not pay attention to Vanraj.


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Romil's truth will come in front of Anupamaa

Meanwhile, Anupamaa and Anuj are sitting at the dining table eating food when suddenly Romil comes and sits with them and starts eating kheer, and then Anuj asks Romil how his group studies are going. Romil will go to his room after eating kheer but his books will remain on the dining table. Anupamaa will go to return her books but her room will be locked from the inside, after which Anupamaa pushes the door and she will be shocked to see the view inside. Now it remains to be seen what Romil would be doing in the room. What truth might Romil be hiding from his family? This will be seen only in the upcoming episodes. So, Stay with us to know what will happen next.

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