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Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Will Anuj also die?

Many twists and turns are coming in the serial Anupamaa after the death of Samar. Here is the full written update of the serial Anupamaa.

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Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Will Anuj also die?

Anupamaa Written Update: As we are getting to see in the serial Anupamaa after the death of Samar everything has changed in the lives of Shahs and Kapadias. As Anupamaa and Vanraj are trying to get justice for their son's samar death Pakhi, Toshu, and Kinjal refuse to help. There has been some distance between Anupama and Anuj after Samar's death. Whereas Vanraj is in shock. Pakhi is entangled in her problems. Toshu and Kinjal are planning to move abroad. 

In the middle of all this Suresh Rathore is also threatening the Shah and Kapadia family so that Anuj-Anupama and Vanraj step back. Meanwhile, Anupamaa has seen a dream sequence where it was shown that Suresh attacks Anuj, and Anuj dies.

Anupamaa Latest News

Anupamaa saw a dream where Anuj promised Anupama that he would support her fully and help her win the case and Samar would get justice. Anupama becomes happy after getting Anuj's support. Anupama holds Anuj's hand and both are seen smiling at each other.

After that, Anupamaa is scared for Anuj's safety. Suddenly, Suresh Rathod comes and taunts Anupamaa and tries to provoke her and then suddenly Anupamaa picks up her slippers and hits Suresh.  After this Suresh attacks Anuj and Anupamaa screams in fear.


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Anupamaa Update

Anupamaa will make a plan with Devika, according to which she will go with Devika to the restaurant secretly to collect evidence. In the restaurant, they both try to record the confession of the boy who was with Sonu on the day of the incident. Meanwhile, the boy started talking rubbish about Samar hearing which Anupamaa got angry. After which she slaps that boy hard in front of everyone.  Amidst all this, she will not be able to collect evidence. Meanwhile, the day of the court date will come.

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Anupamaa and Anuj will fail to get justice for Samar

Anupamaa and Devika will reach the court immediately. But as soon as they reach the court, Anuj and Ankush will be seen coming out of the court. During this time, disappointment will be visible on the faces of both of them. Anuj will come to Anupamaa and softly say sorry to her. Hearing these words, Anupamaa will be shocked and tears of disappointment will come to her eyes. Now it will be interesting to see the upcoming episodes of Anupamaa. Will Anupama succeed in getting justice for Samar? 

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