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Bigg Boss 17 : Ankita Lokhande Eviction

Bigg Boss 17 is in the limelight every day and now the news is that Bigg Boss 17 Ankita Lokhande's eviction can happen this week.

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Bigg Boss 17 : Ankita Lokhande Eviction

It has been two months since the popular reality show Bigg Boss 17 started, now everyone's game is coming out, everyone's masks are being removed, and everyone's relationships are now slowly coming out in the open. Now all the Bigg Boss contestants are not afraid to put forth their issues. Now it is being heard that maybe this week from Bigg Boss 17 Ankita Lokhande's eviction can happen. Let us know what is the whole matter.

Bigg Boss 17 written update

The most popular member of Bigg Boss 17, Vicky Jain, who was trying to remain good with everyone at the beginning of the game, these days he is seen fighting with everyone, he is seen fighting with Abhishek and sometimes with Arun Shetty and In yesterday's episode i.e. 13th December 2023, it was seen that Vicky Jain had a big fight with Aishwarya Sharma.


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Aishwarya Sharma scolded Vicky Jain very harshly and said things like, "What are you doing Sana 2.0. You consider yourself a mastermind, but you are master blind. You are crazy and stupid. You are a completely down market person, you are completely Sana 2.0." and many more.

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Bigg Boss 17 Isha Malviya

Ever since Bigg Boss 17 started, Isha Mavia's love life has been in the news a lot, sometimes because of her fight with Abhishek and sometimes because of her love and conflict with Samarth Jurel. In tomorrow's episode, once again Samarth and Isha fought. What was seen was that Isha was telling everyone that Samarth is my boyfriend but he pays attention to everyone except me.

Isha samarth

Isha also said that Samarth never praises me but he helps Mannara every day in choosing her clothes, which I don't like and on this issue, both of them have a fight and Isha starts crying in front of Ankita.

Bigg Boss 17 Ankita Lokhande Eviction

Ankita Lokhande is the most popular member of the Bigg Boss 17 house. Every day Ankita keeps having fights with someone or the other due to which she remains in the headlines. Something similar has happened again. Now news is coming that Ankita Lokhande can be evicted from the house. The entire audience is shocked after listing this news. Let us know what happened.


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Actually, in yesterday's episode, it was shown that the first captaincy task took place in the Bigg Boss house in which Munawar became the first captain of the house. As soon as Munawar became the captain of the house, Bigg Boss announced that from now on Munawar would live alone in the Dimag room and he would run the entire house as per his wish.

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Bigg Boss 17 New Promo

Colors has released a promo on its Instagram handle in which it is shown that Bigg Boss tells Munir that now I am going to show you a clip which neither the audience nor any family member has seen till now. 

It is shown in the clip that Ankita Lokhande's health had deteriorated a few days ago due to which the doctors had come to check her and then Ankita asked the doctors what was going on in the outside world. After watching this clip, Bigg Boss asks Munawar if it is fair for the rest of the housemates, to which Munawar says no, it is unfair for everyone. Then Bigg Boss gives 2 options to Munawar, either he should evict Ankita from the show or nominate her for 4 weeks.

 Now it will be interesting to see what decision Munawar takes. From Bigg Boss 17 Ankita Lokhande's eviction is conform or will she be nominated for 4th week? To know what will happen next, stay with us, we will return soon for Bigg Boss 17. with new updates

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