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What will happen next in Anupama

A new promo has been shared by the makers where anupamaa's friend Devika will once again enter the Anupamaa serial. Let's see what will happen next in Anupamaa.

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What will happen next in Anupama

Anupama is going to leap soon, and hence for a few days it is being shown that everyone is angry with Anupama spoiler alert, be it Shah house or Kapadia house after Kinjal's accident. Let us know what will happen next in Anupama.

Latest Update of Anupama Spoiler Alert

As was shown in the Anupama serial after Kinjal's accident, Vanraj gets angry at Anupama, and in anger, he scolds Anupama very harshly, after which Anupama also loses her patience and she says now I break all relations with the Shah family after saying this she leaves from there.

This drama does not end there, when Anupama comes to the Kapadia house, another drama is waiting for her. When Anupama arrives at the Kapadia house, Anuj starts blaming Anupamaa.

Upcoming Twist in Anupama Spoiler Alert

In the Anupama Today episode, it will be shown that Anuj will keep accusing Anupamaa one after the other. Anuj will say that to date you have always paid more attention to Shah House than Kapadia House and given them more importance. Further Anuj says that you have always taken me and my love for granted. If you thought that he had been in love with me for 26 years, he would not leave me.

Anupama spoiler alert further, Anuj also says that after waiting for you for 26 years, it seems that I have been hasty in marrying you. After hearing all this, Anupamaa feels shocked and decides to leave Anuj.

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Anupama serial spoilers

Ever since there has been talk of a leap in Anupamhas it is been being speculated that there are going to be some new entries in the Anupama serial. According to Anupama new promo, there will be a leap of 5 years in the new episode of Anupama. Anupama will go to Vadora and live alone and Anupama's mother will also die.

manisha rani parents
manisha rani parents

It has been speculated for some time that Aura Bhatnagar will now play the character of younger Anu and now Trishan Shah's name is also coming up for the role of Dimpy's son it is being told that Dimpy will give birth to a son. However, nothing has been officially confirmed yet by the makers.

What next in Anupama

Now after the leap of 5 years, Anupama's future update is that Anupama's friend Devika will once again enter the show and she will again give courage to Anupama and give her tickets to America and say that now you will fly. Now it will be interesting to see how Anupama Namaste America will start her new life. To know, stay tuned to BollywoodKhabare.

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