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Anupama 20th Feb 2024 Full episode

Anupama and Anuj's daughter Aadhya have run away from home. There is going to be an interesting twist due to Aadhya going missing.

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Anupama 20th Feb 2024 Full episode

A tremendous twist is going to be seen in the TV serial Anupama. Anupama and Yashdeep's friendship is becoming deeper. The dispute between Anuj Kapadia and Shruti does not seem to be ending. Angered by Anuj, daughter Aadhya has run away from home. Anuj, Anupama, and Shruti are worried about Aadhya. Searching for Aadhya on the streets of America. At the same time, such a turn is going to come in the show when Aadhya hugs Anupama.

Anupama-Yashdeep's friendship increased

The smile has once again returned to Anupama's face. The reason behind this smile of Anupama is Yashdeep. Yashdeep has given Anupama her first hard-earned money. Anupama becomes very happy after seeing her salary. In the serial, Anupama is shown standing on her feet once again. Also, Yashdeep wants to take Anupama to a disco and Anupama agrees to Yashdeep.

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A dispute broke out between Anuj and Shruti

Anuj Kapadia tries to convince Shruti not to leave the house. At the same time, Shruti is adamant that she can no longer live in this house. Shruti loves Anuj very much and now even after becoming his friend, she does not want to live in Anuj's house.

Aadhya left the house

In the promo of Anupama, it is shown that Aadhya runs away from her father Anuj Kapadia's house. All the stuff is scattered in Aadhya's room. Anuj tells Anupama the news of Aadhya's disappearance. Anupama, Anuj, and Shruti go out into the streets in the dark of night to search for Aadhya.

Anupama saved her daughter's life

Aadhya, who ran away from home, is fatally attacked. Meanwhile, Aadhya screams in fear. Anupama saves her daughter from the devil. Frightened Aadhya immediately hugs her mother. After five years, Anupama's daughter has hugged her.

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