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Anupama 23rd April 2024 Full Episode

A tremendous twist will be seen in Star Plus' popular serial Anupama. In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Shruti will regain consciousness while Anupama will leave Kinjal's house.

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Anupama 23rd April 2024 Full Episode

These days many twists are being seen in Star Plus's popular serial Anupama. In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Anuj will be talking to the doctor. Aadhya will be upset sitting outside. Anupama will be secretly watching her daughter, Anupama will not be able to stop herself from taking care of her daughter. Aadhya will still be in shock and will hug Anupama. Anupama will feel bad for her daughter. She will be very happy after holding her daughter in her arms.

Anupama will leave Kinjal's house

After going home from the hospital, Anupama will tell Kinjal that she will not live in this house anymore. In the morning Anupama will tell Yashdeep that she will no longer live in that house. Yashdeep will be happy thinking that now Anupama will live in his house. Yashdeep will say that this is your house, you stay here. Anupama will say that she will now stay with KT as she has also lost her job. Anupama will now share the room with her.


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Vanraj saw a boy for Dimpy

The boy from Vanraj's office will come to Shah Niwas. Vanraj will praise Pratik a lot. Kavya will understand why he is doing this. As soon as Prateek leaves, Kavya will start talking to Vanraj. Vanraj will get angry and tell the truth that he will return from America because he is afraid that Anupama might get Titu and Dimpy married. Also, Vanraj has said that Prateek likes Dimpy and he is ready to marry her and become the son-in-law of the house. Bapuji and Kavya will try to convince Vanraj but it will be of no use.


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Anupama Written Episode

When Anuj gets a call from the hospital, he and Adhya will go to the hospital. Both of them will come to know that Shruti has regained consciousness. Both will be happy. Anupama does not yet know that Shruti has regained consciousness. There will be a lot of drama in the Upcoming episodes of Anupama.

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