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Anupama 27th April 2024 full episode

A terrible twist is being seen these days in Star Plus's popular serial Anupama. Anupama will go to Anuj's house for her daughter, while Dimpy and Titu will also return.

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Anupama 27th April 2024 full episode

These days family drama is being seen in the Anupama serial. In the last episode, it was seen that Anupama faints in the show. On the other hand, Dimpy runs away from Shah's house with her son. Vanraj calls Anupama. Anupama scolds Vanraj. There is going to be a big twist in the coming episodes.

Dimpy and titu in marriage outfit

27th April 2024 Anupama full episode

Aadhya will have frequent panic attacks. Shruti is also not well, hence Anuj will be worried. He will call Anupama and tell her about his problems. Anupama is also out of the cooking competition. Anuj wants everything to be fine but he doesn't know how. Aadhya will try to cut her vein. Anuj is devastated and calls Anupama to meet him.

Anuj adhya

27th April 2024 Anupama episode

Anuj will ask Anupama to come to the house for Aadhya. Anuj will tell Anupama about Aadhya's panic attack. Anupama will be troubled by Shruti's deteriorating health and Aadhya's panic attack. Aadhya will get very angry after seeing Anupama in the house and will speak harshly to her. But Anupama will not leave her daughter. Anupama will be very worried about Aadhya and will not leave her alone.

anuj on a call

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Anupama 27th April 2024 episode

As soon as Shruti becomes serious, Aadhya will try to cut her veins. Anuj explains to her that not having anyone does not mean that you should give up your life. Whereas in Shah's house, Vanraj will be worried about his grandson. Only then will Dimpy and Titu Shah return to the house. Vanraj will be very happy to meet his grandson. But he will be very angry at Dimpy and Titu. Many explosions and twists will be seen in the upcoming episodes of Anupama Serial.

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