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Anupama 8th January 2024 Full Episode Dailymotion

Anupama 8th January 2024 Full Episode Dailymotion where you will get to see that Anupama will come face-to-face with her ex-husband Anuj Kapadia.

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Anupama 8th January 2024 Full Episode Dailymotion

What is going to happen in the Anupama serial? How will Anupama and Anuj meet again? For a long time after the leap, the audience had been waiting for answers to these questions. The wish of #Maan fans will be fulfilled in the upcoming Anupama episode, as Anupama and Anuj will meet. However, there is a surprise in this as well, which may disappoint supporters. However, the new surprise will be rather exciting for the serial's fans.

You've seen that Anupama is in the United States, and she's making good progress. Kavya delivered a lengthy speech to Vanraj to make him focus on Dimpy's life. Anuj is also in America, but he has yet to meet Anupama. Anu, the younger daughter, has identified her mother and is seeking a reason to meet her.

Anupamaa Met Choti Anu

Anupama was recently shown to have been given the job of handling the catering at Aadhya's Christmas party by Shruti. But Aadhya was taken aback when she spotted Anupama at her house. She does not want Anupama and Anuj to come into contact with each other.

Anupama Anuj Aaradhya

To prevent Anuj from arriving home while Anupama is around, Aadhya will assign him duties that will cause him to arrive late. She will request that Anuj bring the cheesecake and jacket. She wishes Anupama would go before Anuj arrives. But Shruti is going to interfere and Aadhya will worry thinking about Anuj.

Upcoming Anupama Episode

The upcoming Anupama serial episode will not be missed by viewers. In Sunday's episode, Anuj Kapadia's ex-wife Anupama has been fired from the job. While Shruti was busy cooking and performing dance at Shruti's house, she reached the restaurant late and was fired from her job by her angry boss. Anupama, who was traveling from door to door after arriving in America, has returned to the road and is unsure where to go.

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Anupama lost her job because of Shruti

When Shruti learns about this, she will inform her fiance Anuj Kapadia. Shruti will tell Anuj Kapadia what happened that day. She will say that when Joshiben came home, she not only cooked food for everyone but also served food to everyone. Aside from that, she danced at everyone's request, and when Aadhya had a panic episode, she managed it as well, resulting in her being late and being dismissed from her job.

In the upcoming episode, you will see that Anupama will come face-to-face with her ex-husband Anuj Kapadia. But he will refuse to recognize Anupama in front of Shruti, due to which Anupama will be heartbroken. However, she will focus on her career. Aadhya will be seen getting prepared for her father's wedding.

TRP has increased since the leap.

According to fan theories, Anuj Kapadia will go to any extent to find Anupama in Guilt and hire her for his company. That indicates Aadhya, Anuj, and Anupama will be reunited, but how Shruti will remain involved in this entire drama will be revealed soon. Let us tell you that the TRP of the Anupama serial has significantly improved since the leap. Many fresh characters have been introduced, and they have received a positive response.

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