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Anupamaa 3rd Jan 2024 Full Episode

In Anupama, Titu wants to marry Dimpy. He asks Vanraj for Dimpy's hand. After which Vanraj gets angry and he gets angry at Titu.

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Anupamaa 3rd Jan 2024 Full Episode

Anupama has a fresh drama every day. On the one hand, Aadhya, the younger Anu, has learned about Anupama's trip to America. On the other side, a new Pakhi has joined the cast. Vanraj and Titu have finally met in the newest episode. Titu adores Dimpy and wishes to marry her. He arrives at Shah House for this purpose. Here he meets Dimpy's son Ansh and Pakhi's daughter for the first time. Dimpy urges Titu to go, but Vanraj arrives and notices Titu. Vanraj gets angry as a result of Titu's actions.

Titu approaches Vanraj and asks for Dimpy's hand in marriage.

Vanraj wonders what Titu is doing here since he refuses to come here. Titu then informs Vanraj that he adores Dimpy and wishes to marry her. I haven't said anything to Dimpy yet because she doesn't speak to me. That is why I am informing you. He gets angry upon hearing this from Titu. He informs Titu that Dimpy is his daughter-in-law and that he ought to stay away from her.

Titu approaches Vanraj and asks for Dimpy's hand in marriage.

Titu then shows Vanraj the mirror and tells him that you have kept him imprisoned. Have you ever wondered what would happen to Dimpy and Ansh if you died tomorrow? Dimpy should be considered your daughter. It remains to be seen how Vanraj reacts. Whether he accepts Dimpy and Titu's marriage or not.

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Will the Anupama serial be joined by a new actress?

Aadhya wants Anuj to marry Shruti as soon as possible so that Anupama does not get in the way. Again a new character has joined the cast of the Anupamaa serial. According to Tellychakkar, Ishqbaaaz actress Dishi Duggal is scheduled to join the show. She might be the one who brings Anupama and Anuj together. However, little is known about her role in Anupama. Apart from Sukirti, several other celebrities such as Aurra Bhatnagar, Trishaan Shah, and Aadhya Barot joined the show following the leap. Sudhanshu Pandey, Madalsa Sharma, Nishi Saxena, Alpana Buch, and other cast members continue to appear on the show.

Ishqbaaaz actress Dishi Duggal is scheduled to join the show.

What happened in the Anupama latest episode?

When Shruti shows him the cookery channel, Anuj remembers Anupama. Anuj asks Shruti how she knows Joshi Ben, who owns the food channel, is the same Joshi Ben with whom her luggage was exchanged because her face is hidden. Shruti informs him that she has her photograph and that the bracelet worn by Joshi Ben can be seen here. She expresses her concern to Anuj by asking why she is working at that restaurant while Joshi Ben has such a big channel. Anuj is unable to understand her emotions. Anupama's coworkers film her preparing Gujarati delicacies. When her colleague attempts to record her face in the video, she stops him, stating that she does not want her face to be exposed in the video. Her coworkers try to influence her, but she refuses and remains concerned. They make a note of Anupama's meal.


Shruti gets closer to Anuj.

Anupama's latest video is being seen by Shruti and Anuj. Anuj can't stop thinking about Anupama, and he's getting clues that she's around. While viewing Anupama's video, Shruti and Anuj prepare meals. Anupama's boss is taken aback by her cooking channel. Aadhya receives food from Anuj. She enjoys it and informs Anuj that she will finish it in her room. Anuj and Shruti talk about how tough it is to understand a teenager's thoughts because they don't know what they think. Shruti suggested that Anuj take Aadhya to a counselor. While cleaning the table, Anupama becomes concerned. She becomes concerned because she believes that if her boss dismisses her, she will be homeless. She prays to God that if she is in America for a specific reason, she will be able to fulfill that goal. Anuj hesitates as Shruti hugs him.

Kavya will go up against Vanraj.

On the one hand, Anupama will begin to jump with pleasure. In Shah House, on the other hand, there will be drama. After Titu leaves, Kavya will be furious. She will begin scolding Vanraj. 'Titu is a good boy,' Kavya will say. Dimpy loves him. He's a fantastic match for Dimpy. What would you have done if Dimpy had been replaced by Samar? Don't you remarry Samar? So, why can't Dimpy marry again? Vanraj will become angry. 'Dimpy also has a tongue, and whatever she wants to say, she will say herself,' he will remark.

Kavya recalled Anupama.

Vanraj would then go to Dimpy and question her. Vanraj will inquire, 'Dimpy! Do you feel suffocated in this place? Do you believe this house is a prison? Where do you want to go from here? Dimpy, what exactly is your problem? How serious is the problem? 'Do you want to leave?' Dimpy will be terrified. 'No, it's nothing like that,' she'd say. Vanraj will head to his room after hearing Dimpy's response. Dimpy, on the other hand, will go to Ansh and start crying. Kavya will miss Anupama, considering the current circumstances of Shah House. She will begin yelling Anupama's name aloud. 'Anupama, where are you?' she'll ask. We want you. Everything has been destroyed without you: this place, our lives.

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Anupama's voice was heard by Anuj.

Kavya will continue to cry as she remembers Anupama. Anuj, on the other hand, will be aware of Anupama's presence. Aadhya will visit Anuj. She will inform Anuj that she has invited her special friends to a party at her home. A piece of Anupama's saree will fall from Aadhya's hand during this. After seeing that piece, Anuj will become engrossed in Anupama's memories, and Shruti will invite Anupama to Aadhya's party. Anupama's voice on the phone will surprise Anuj.

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