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Anupamaa 26th January 2024 dailymotion

Anupama's show has become quite interesting now. The show is going to get more fun in the coming days. Read full Anupamaa 26th January 2024 Dailymotion.

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Anupamaa 26th January 2024 dailymotion

In the most recent episode of the show, Anupama is seen staying at Yashdeep's house. His wife has a strong liking for Anupama. She hopes Yashdeep falls in love with Anupama since she adores him. Aadhya informs Shruti that Joshi is Anuj's true love, Anupama.

Anupama learned that Anuj-Chhoti was living in America.

While on her journey, Anupama collides with Aadhya. She apologizes to Aadhya, saying, "Son, I'm not sure why we keep colliding." Devika then sends Anupama an email stating that Anuj is currently in America with younger Anu and looking for her. Kavya prepares her daughter's suitcase for the trip back to the hostels at Vanraj's house. Her daughter refuses to return, so Kavya becomes angry and scolds her. Then Pakhi appears and asks, "Why don't you tell your daughter the truth: Vanraj is not her father." Kavya warns Pakhi: "If you dare to say anything to my daughter, I will not spare you.

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Anupama Spoiler Alert

When Anupama learns that Anuj and younger Anu are in America, she believes that younger Anu hates her, so she does not want to face her now and will not be able to face Anuj either, so she declares that she does not want to return to both of their lives. Aadhya determines that if she wants to keep Anuj away from Anupama permanently, she must tell Shruti the whole truth. She rushes to tell her when Shruti receives a call from Anupama. Both Anuj and Aadhya begin to glance at Shruti.


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Fans who saw the new promo stated, 'Yesterday was the Chodvi Ki Raat'

Recently, in the show's latest promo, Anupam's fans witnessed Anuj and Anu's face in a scene. When she finds that he intends to marry Shruti, she will desire to give up her love. However, Anuj has yet to get over Anupama. When he sees her with Yashdeep, he becomes angry. However, Anupama is unconcerned, which leaves her feeling unhappy.

Fans may watch Anuj and Anupama being romantic in the promotional video. Maan's supporters are pleased with the advertisement. Fans may watch Anuj and Anupama being romantic in the promotional video. Maan's supporters are pleased with this promotion. After watching the teaser, one fan remarked, 'Kal chodvi ki Raat Thi', while another fan wrote, 'Aur Yeh Chodvi ki chand se khubsurat log..., Chodvi Ka Chand hai ya Aftab hai whatever it is, I swear to God, it is fantastic.

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