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Future Story of Anupama Serial Xpress

Popular TV show Anupama is once again garnering a lot of TRP. Let us know which twists in the show are being liked the most by the audience. Check out future story of anupama serial xpress.

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Future Story of Anupama Serial Xpress

Anupamaa, starring Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna, is receiving much praise. The show recently took a leap, and the audience now sees Anupama in America. She works as an assistant in a restaurant and has a million subscribers on her YouTube channel. However, she quickly impresses everyone at the restaurant with her food and is promoted to chef. Now let's know about the future story of the Anupama serial Xpress.

Anuj got engaged to Shruti

Anuj is also in America with his younger anu, Aadhya. He is engaged to Shruti, his best friend. Aadhya dislikes Anupama and is surprised to see her in America. She wishes to keep Anupama away from Anuj so she would not re-enter his life. Shruti, who is not aware that Anupama is Anuj's first wife, develops an obsession with her cooking.

Will Aadhya blame Anupama again?

Shruti recently invited Anupama to cook food for Aadhya's celebration. Aadhya was surprised to see her making some delicious Gujarati meal. She desired that Anupama be removed from the place so that Anuj could not see her. Aadhya recalls her history with Anupama while she dances during the celebration.

Will Anuj meet with an accident?

Anuj goes to her when she has panic attacks, but he does not meet Anupama. Later, we see him discussing Aadhya's past with Shruti, who asks him who Anupama is. In the forthcoming Anupamaa episode, we will find Anupamaa caught in traffic when Anuj notices her. He'll be surprised to see Anupama in America.


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What's going on in Shah's house

When it comes to the Shahs, Vanraj is shown behaving dictatorially with Dimpy, Kavya, Bapuji, and others. He has kept Dimpy and Kavya apart from their children. He saves Dimpy from becoming Ansh's mother. He has also kept Kavya's daughter at the hostel. Vanraj is aware that Anupama has arrived in America. he believes she is powerless, but Baa assures him that Anupama has willpower and can accomplish anything.

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Vanraj and Toshu join hands to ruin Anupama's life.

Now, in the upcoming episode, viewers will see Vanraj express his dissatisfaction with Anupama's presence in America, although he has many plans for her. Toshu and Kinjal are also in America, hiding from her.  Toshu has teamed up with his father to damage Anupama's life in America, preventing her from achieving success.

 Anupama, a popular TV show, has been engaging viewers for a long time. The show frequently remained at the top of the TRP list. However, the show's TRP has recently dropped dramatically. At the same time, the show has taken a four-year break, following which it has reclaimed its spot on the TRP chart. Let us explain why the show has profited in terms of TRP.

  • Entry of Shriti-Aadhya

The first reason for this is the addition of two new characters to the show, Aadhya and Shruti. The public adores both of these personalities. While the public is enjoying Shruti and Anuj's love story, Aadhya's anger for her mother Anupama has also added a fresh twist to the plot.

anupamaa anuj adhya shruti

  • Anupama's new beginnings

After 5 years, Anupama's life has altered dramatically. She gave up everything and moved to America. At the same time, she is now prioritizing her passion, dance, in her new life. Anupamaa's first job in America was as a sweeper.

  • The divorce of Pakhi and Adhik

Since Pakhi and Adhik's wedding in the episode. There have been fights between the two since then. Pakhi has become enraged numerous times for no apparent cause. Pakhi had a daughter five years later, following which she divorced Adhik and relocated to Delhi. Meanwhile, she arrived at Shah's house, and when Adhik arrived to meet his daughter, Vanraj and Ba refused to let him meet her.

new pakhi of Anupama serial

  • Vanraj and Ba's old form is seen again

From the start of the show, we saw a toxic side of Baa and Vanraj. But, after a while, both were fine. After 5 years, Baa and Vanraj have reverted to their former selves. Baa, like Anupama, is now having Dimpy dance to her music and bothering her in the same way. Seeing this, the audience was reminded of the old Anupama.

vanraj dimpy

These are some intriguing surprises that the audience is now enjoying following the leap of 5 years and the show is once again garnering a lot of TRP.

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